Overcoming duality

As has been explained elsewhere, the primary weapon used by the fallen beings is a specific form of thinking that seeks to polarise any issue into two opposite positions. The fallen beings then seek to impose a value judgment, saying one position is true or good and the other is false or evil. The next stage is the epic mindset, which says it is of utmost importance that good defeats evil (with all means).

Historically, most debates have followed this pattern. There are several problems with this form of debate:

  • It has been completely overlooked that the fallen beings have defined both of the opposing polarities. Thus, they are defining the problem that is being debated.
  • When the fallen beings define both polarities, it doesn’t actually matter which side wins the debate. Either way, the outcome will serve one of the hidden agendas of the fallen beings and push society in the direction they want.
  • When the fallen beings define the terms of the debate, they also define the possible solutions that people can see. People simply cannot see any other solution than what serves the agendas of the fallen beings.
  • In many cases, it is not a matter of what is right and wrong in some ultimate sense. It is only a matter of whether one group of fallen beings or another group of fallen beings will win.
  • In many cases the problem is defined in such a way that there is no solution, or that the only solution is to apply force towards a specific group of people. Many conflicts result in a forceful solution that sets the stage for future conflict. Some debates have no solution, but even this serves the agenda of creating chaos in society.
  • When a debate is focused on only two polarities, it excludes all other options. Thus, in many cases, a society debates based on two polarities defined by the fallen beings, and there is no openness to other options defined by the mind of oneness.

The conclusion is that it is of critical importance that society becomes more aware of the dualistic state of consciousness. Yet we can see that no society currently has any real awareness of this.

While this may seem discouraging, we need to remember that there  is a constant state of progress in the collective consciousness. This has reached a level that makes it possible for a shift to occur where people (at leat the top 10%) can quickly become aware of duality and the danger of these polarised debates.

There is therefore a great need for people who can pioneer this shift and in various ways raise awareness of duality and the alternative. Of course, this means such people have to be willing to first raise their own consciousness beyond duality.

Why we cannot fight the fallen beings

It is essential to understand that there is a need for the top 10% of the most aware people to become aware of the presence and methods of the fallen beings WITHOUT going into a dualistic struggle against the fallen beings. It has been explained that the fallen beings are experts at getting two groups of people to fight each other, and this is obviously dualistic. However, if we start seeing ourselves in opposition to the fallen beings and wanting to destroy or punish them, we also enter a dualistic struggle against them.

We can never remove the fallen beings from this planet by fighting them. If we attempt to fight or destroy them, we simply add to the fear-based energy that is serving to hide and empower the fallen beings. Therefore, we must make an effort to avoid being dragged into any type of dualistic struggle. The way to “fight” the fallen beings is through awareness—and that means we must start with ourselves.

We need to be willing to look at ourselves and identity all dualistic beliefs we have. For example, many of the more aware people still believe that in certain circumstances, violence is necessary and justified in order to defend oneself or other people. Yet Jesus, the Buddha and other spiritual teachers have attempted to teach and demonstrate that this simply is not the case. We must instead turn the other cheek, and this can be a very difficult lesson to learn for many people.

What we need to do is to become aware that we have lived many lifetimes on this planet, and we have most likely been exposed to violence and abuse from the fallen beings. This has created reactionary pattern in our psyches that cause us to engage the fallen beings in a dualistic manner. We need to be willing to make an effort to heal our psychology of these patterns so we can raise ourselves above any reactionary pattern with the fallen beings.

It is exactly these patterns that the fallen beings use to drag us into a dualistic struggle with them, and this is the primary way to prevent us from doing what we have the potential to do in order to get them off this planet. We need to be able to say with Jesus: “The prince of this world (the fallen beings) cometh and has nothing in me.” Or we need to be like the Buddha who was tempted by the demons of Mara (the fallen beings) and did not react to them.

What the 10% of the most aware people have the potential to do is to heal our psychology and rise above dualistic reactions, whereby we can do several things to get the fallen beings off the planet:

  • In some cases, we can allow fallen beings in embodiment to abuse us. When we do not have a dualistic reaction, we will bring the judgment of Christ upon the fallen beings, which can lead them to be removed.
  • We can help in the process of exposing the fallen beings and their methods so that more and more people can begin to see the real cause of evil and can see the extent to which we have been deceived and manipulated by a small power elite.
  • We can call forth the intercession of the ascended masters who have the power to remove the fallen beings. More about this on this page.

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