Why fallen beings cannot be reasoned with

As explained elsewhere, there are two basic types of unaware beings:

  • Entities and collective spirits that never had self-awareness
  • Fallen beings

Entities and spirits are like automatons, and it is as fruitless to try to reason with them as it is to reason with a computer that it should change its programming. These beings do not have the faculties to feel empathy and have no consideration whatsoever for the suffering they inflict upon human beings. The only thing you can do is to protect yourself from their influence, as explained elsewhere.

Fallen beings have self-awareness and most of them are capable of changing themselves. However, it is also futile to try to reason with fallen beings. There are two reason for this:

  • Fallen beings decided to go against the process of life in a sphere that existed before ours. This means they made this decision a very long time ago and they have had to reinforce it countless times in order to uphold it. Their denial of life is very deeply ingrained in their beings. They have a very strong momentum of denial. This is why they have sunk very far below the basic fact of life, namely that all life is part of one whole. They very strongly feel separated from human beings, which is why they have a low level of awareness. Take note that this does not mean they are unintelligent. Fallen beings are often far more intelligent than most people, but they completely lack heart or intuition.
  • Fallen beings fell in a sphere that was more evolved than ours and they often fell from planets and civilisations that were far more sophisticated than earth. This means they feel a degree of superiority to human beings that it can be difficult to fathom. Their arrogance is simply so massive that we cannot wrap our minds around it. Any argument we can come up with will seem completely irrelevant to fallen beings. They often will not even listen to any attempt to reason with them, as they believe they are per definition always right. Hitler’s unwillingness to listen to his generals is one obvious example. Fallen beings have a very strong belief that they can never be wrong.

The important conclusion is that all of the fallen beings associated with earth (in all four octaves) feel superior to human beings. They have no empathy with us and consider us mere tools for their agendas. It can be very difficult to fathom the degree of insensitivity that fallen beings have to the rest of us, yet it is the only real explanation for the worst atrocities we have seen throughout history.

Because fallen beings feel superior to us, there is no argument we could come up with that would convince them that they are wrong in exploiting us. We cannot reason with them, negotiate with them or appease them. They will seek to control us, use us or destroy us.

What we can do is to raise our consciousness beyond the level that either invited fallen beings to earth or created the collective spirits. We can also call to the ascended masters for their judgment and removal. Earth was not originally a place where fallen beings, entities or collective spirits could exist. The only way to remove violence and suffering from earth is to once again get such beings removed from the planet.

Because the Law of Free Will gives authority to those who are in physical embodiment, it is up to us to get evil beings removed. However, we cannot do this without looking at ourselves and transcending the lower consciousness. And we cannot do this without knowing that evil beings exist and how the law of the universe works.

It was a lack of awareness that caused evil beings to come to earth. A higher awareness is the ONLY way to remove them and set the earth and humanity free from the destruction they have generated.

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