How fallen beings have influenced history

When the earth was first created, it was a natural planet, meaning there were no fallen beings and no evil on it. The first people who embodied on earth had not become blinded by the duality consciousness, and they were all using the opportunity offered by this planet to raise their consciousness.

A long time ago (long before what we call recorded history) a shift occurred. The people who embodied on earth at that time, gradually lowered their consciousness, and this allowed fallen beings to embody here physically and to also take positions in the three higher realms.

Since then, meaning for ALL of recorded history (and much longer), the fallen beings have had a profound and dramatic impact on every aspect of life on this planet. Yet despite this, they have managed to hide their existence, their nature, their agendas and their methods for most people.

This explains so many of the problems seen throughout the very short timespan of recorded history. Contrary to what the fallen beings want us to believe, evil is not the result of human nature. The evils seen in history did not originate with human beings but with fallen beings. In some cases, evils were physically done by human beings, but only because their minds were taken over by fallen beings in the higher octaves.

Only fallen beings can have the complete lack of empathy seen so many times in history. This means that we human beings have the option to rise above evil.

We invited the fallen beings here by lowering our consciousness. When we raise our consciousness and become aware of the consequences of duality and the influence of fallen beings, the fallen beings will be removed from earth. This planet can then again become a natural planet without evil.

God did not create evil. It is the result of the choices made by what are now fallen beings. It is not in human nature to commit evil. This only happens when we have been deceived and manipulated by the fallen beings.

The remaining pages of this section will look at some concrete examples of how the fallen beings have influenced life on this planet. The examples will be compared to  the agendas of fallen beings, especially the main four:

The four main agendas of the fallen beings:

The fallen beings have many hidden agendas, but if you understand the main four, you can quickly expose the cause behind most of the world events that are normally very difficult to understand:

  • To prove God wrong by getting us to destroy ourselves.
  • To control us through force, manipulation and deception.
  • To steal our energy by getting us to qualify pure energy with a fear-based vibration.
  • To set themselves up as a power elite with special privileges, an elite that cannot be challenged or gainsaid.

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