How fallen beings use poverty

Poverty is neither natural nor inevitable. It is a condition created by the fallen beings. It springs from their desire to set themselves up as a privileged elite whose members are superior to the population.

The origin of poverty is inequality, and the origin of inequality is the warped psychology of the fallen beings. They see themselves as superior to human beings, and thus they want to be an elite that has more than the population. Because the fallen beings are not creative, they cannot create wealth. Thus, the only way for them to be more wealthy than others is for them to limit the total amount of wealth.

Earth is designed to give the abundant life to all people living upon it. The so-called lack of resources is an artificially created condition. By removing the fallen beings, the earth would revert to its natural state where there is plenty of resources for everyone.

Yet even with the present amount of resources, all people could have a reasonable standard of living—if the resources were distributed more evenly. It is a fact that in almost every country, a small elite controls the majority of the wealth. For example, in the United States, the top 10% of the population control 90% of the wealth. This inequality is created by the fallen beings.

In order to justify their privileges, the fallen beings have created the lie that the earth has a limited amount of resources and that it is only getting worse. They have also created the myth of overpopulation. Yet the reality is that it is the unequal distribution of wealth that has created poverty, not the amount of resources or the amount of people.

The fallen beings have managed to make most people – even the population of the most affluent countries – accept a consciousness of lack, namely the belief that this planet has such a limited amount of natural resources that there is not enough for all people to live affluent lives. Through the environmental issue and other ideas, the fallen beings have managed to get many people to voluntarily accept that they cannot have affluence beyond a certain limit.

Yet when the real resource is creativity, how can there be limits to resources and affluence? Oh yes, the fallen beings are not creative so what they are really trying to do is to get the rest of us to limit our creativity so we do no come up with new ideas that overthrow status quo.

In reality, there is no lack of resources because the primary resource is creativity, which springs from awareness. Go back 500 years and oil was not considered a natural resource because people did not have the knowledge of how to make use of it.

When we raise the collective consciousness, the ascended masters will release the knowledge of how to make use of resources that are today unknown. Yet for this to happen, we must raise ourselves beyond the lies of the fallen beings.

As usual, the fallen beings have created a problem, and they now seek to blame us. Their proposed solution is that we limit our creativity and our use of resources so that they can maintain their privileges. Of course, they also want us to agree to limiting the size of the human population. This idea is an offspring of the fact that fallen beings hate human beings, and they want us to hate ourselves.

Poverty is not created because the human population is too large and people are competing for a limited amount of resources. The earth can sustain the population at a reasonable standard of living. However, this cannot be done as long as the fallen beings are running our societies. Poverty is a leadership problem, not a resource problem.

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