The fallen beings and women

Why do we live in a culture, and why are there so many other cultures, that for thousands of years have suppressed and discriminated against women? Because this is all engineered by the fallen beings for the purpose of controlling the population.

The fallen beings are experts at using the divide-and-conquer strategy. They have done everything possible to divide people into factions that can be set against each other. Naturally, the most basic division, a division that goes from the home through all levels of society, is the one between men and women. Once the fallen beings had created a division between men and women, they had created the basis for conflict at the most fundamental level of society.

Obviously, there has been an incredible persecution of woman and discrimination against women. This might cause one to think that the fallen beings are doing this specifically against women. Indeed, there are some fallen beings (primarily those in embodiment and those in the emotional realm) who hate women and want to control them (or destroy them if they will not be controlled). There are also some fallen beings in the mental realm who believe women are a threat to men and want to project the illusion that women are intellectually inferior to men.

However, the persecution of women started with fallen beings in the identity realm, and it is not specifically targeted against women. One purpose is to create a fundamental division in society, but the real purpose is to prevent men and women from forming the spiritual union that is our highest potential. Thus, both men and women are the target of this manipulation.

As explained in the section on the origin of evil, our world was created by a single Creator who is neither masculine nor feminine. However, as the first act of creation, the Creator created a basic polarity (illustrated in the Taoist concept of Yin and Yang in the Tai Chi), namely an outgoing force (which can be called masculine) and a contracting force (which can be called feminine).

If everything was created out of the expanding force, no form could be maintained. The Big Bang would have continued as an uncontrolled explosion with no structures forming. What makes sustainable forms possible is that the expansive force is balanced by the contracting force, and this allows forms to be maintained over time.

  • An unbalanced expansive force leads to a never-ending explosion in which no form can be maintained.
  • An unbalanced contracting force leads to an unbalanced implosion (like a black hole) in which all forms will be broken down.

A sustainable creation requires balance between the expansive and contractive forces, and what provides this balance is a universal form of consciousness. The Buddha, Jesus and other spiritual examples have demonstrated this higher state of consciousness, which is beyond duality. It is based on seeing beyond all divisions by experiencing that all life came from the same Source. We all have the potential to achieve this balanced state of mind, and when we do, we will have balance between the expansive and contracting forces that we all have in our beings. This sets the stage for a natural and balanced relationship between men and women.

When we have this state of balance, men and women will not be seen as opposites. Naturally, we will have differences, but they will not be the source of conflict; they will be the source of creative tension, leading to growth. Men will be balanced by women so they do not become overly expansive (aggressive) and women will be balanced by men so they do not become overly contractive (unwilling to experiment).

The fallen beings understood this, and that is why they used their power to deceive both men and women into partaking of the “forbidden fruit” of the duality consciousness. Once men and woman both descended into duality, their differences became the source of conflict and balance was lost. Why did the fallen beings do this? Well, partly because that is what fallen beings do, but they also had a specific purpose.

Putting down women to set the stage for war

The fallen beings wanted to introduce war to the earth. They knew that war is the most extreme outcome of an unbalanced expansive force. They knew that because men naturally have a stronger expansive element, it would be easier to get men to go to war than to get women to go to war. Yet if men were balanced by women, it would be very difficult to get them to go to war. Thus, the fallen beings had to disturb this balance by dividing men and women.

To this end, the fallen beings created an elaborate deception that has many levels. It starts at the very top by creating a false god, namely the all-male god depicted in the Old Testament and in other religious scriptures. This is an entirely false god created by the fallen beings, as the real Creator is beyond masculine and feminine.

This false god has no feminine qualities in the sense that it has no reverence for life. That is why the false god of the Old Testament told the Jews to commit genocide against the men, women and children of the tribes in the promised land. Only men who were not balanced by women could commit such an atrocity, but it started by them having a god who was not balanced by any feminine qualities.

The god of the Old Testament is a God of War. It is portrayed as an all-male god who operates based on the premise that the ends can justify the means of killing human beings. In reality, this has nothing to do with the real Creator. It is a god created in the image and likeness of the fallen beings. They have simply taken their own characteristics and used them to fashion an image of a god, which they have then managed to set up as the superior god of the universe.

This deception is quite elaborate. The god of the universe is all-male, and he first created man “in his image and after his likeness.” The claim made here is that man is created after the image of the God of War who has no reverence for the life of those who are in the way of some epic purpose.

As an afterthought, this god created women, but it is clear that they were not created equal to men. They were – from the very beginning – created to be in a secondary role. Then comes the entire story of the Garden of Eden, in which it was woman who partook of the forbidden fruit and caused both herself and the man to be cast out of paradise.

In reality, both men and women partook of the forbidden fruit of the duality consciousness. Both men and women were deceived by the serpent, namely the fallen beings. And both men and women are still deceived by the serpentine consciousness, which is why there is still conflict between men and women.

In reality, it was the feminine aspect of both men and women (namely the soul or the four lower bodies) that was deceived into partaking of the forbidden fruit. The spiritual self of both men and women is still pure, and the only way to overcome the state of unbalance is for both men and women to reestablish their connection to their higher selves. Naturally, both men and women have an equal ability to do this. However, women are more likely to be open to this process.

The reason for this is that women are generally more intuitive whereas men are more rational and analytical. This is precisely why the fallen beings knew it would be easier to manipulate men into going to war. Once people are trapped in duality, it is very easy for the fallen beings to come up with rational, intellectual arguments for why a certain group of people is a threat and needs to be defeated or destroyed.

In the rational mind, there is no final argument. This mind can argue for war as convincingly as it can argue against war. Thus, the fallen beings will always be able to manipulate some men into believing in war. A person (man or women) who has an intuitive connection to its higher self, will know from within that killing other people in NEVER justified no matter how elaborate of an epic cause has been defined.

Recreating balance between men and women

Despite the efforts of the fallen beings, there is a movement in the world to recreate balance between men and women. For decades, this movement has been somewhat unbalanced because it has been focused on creating equality between men and women and also on removing or compensating for the discrimination against women.

Even in a balanced state, men and women are not alike. Naturally, they should have equal rights, worth and opportunity, but equality does not mean sameness. Only when both men and women achieve balance between the masculine and feminine polarities of their own beings, will they be able to find this state of spiritual balance at the individual level. Only then, will society overcome the conflict between men and women.

For a long time, women have been at the forefront of this movement towards balance. One way this has been achieved in the past was through women who were in tune with he material world and the mother element. This was historically seen as “medicine women” or “wise women.” During the Middle Ages, this movement became such a threat to the fallen beings that the labeled these women as witches and used their very own Catholic church to persecute them. This was an attempt to prevent the women from growing in consciousness to where they could begin to balance men.

Today, the fallen beings must use more subtle means to keep women down. In Muslim cultures, the persecution of women is obvious, but even in western nations, there is still a very subtle attitude that women are intellectually inferior to men. Incidentally, this is often found in the scientific establishment that defends materialism. It is also found in the political establishment and in the business establishment. Basically, one can say that any area of society that is dominated by men is an area dominated by the fallen beings.

Rising above analytical thinking

The extreme outcome of the elevation of masculine qualities and the put-down of feminine qualities is the focus on rational, linear, analytical thought as being superior to intuitive, holistic knowing. As mentioned above, the reason is that in analytical thinking there is no final argument. Every argument has a counter-argument.

The result is that the fallen beings can present an argument with two sides, and they can be sure that some people will believe in one side and some people will believe in the other side. Thus, there is conflict and division from the start.

The extreme outcome is that the fallen beings have been able to create an entire mindset (the epic mindset) based on the idea that certain causes are so important that it justifies, even necessitates, the killing of other people.

The very foundation for analytical thinking is that it looks at differences and uses them to divide everything (including people) into groups that are set apart by their differences. Thus, analytical thinking always emphasises differences. On top of this, the fallen beings have added the idea that here can be only one truth, meaning the division created by the analytical mind has a good side and a bad side. It now becomes necessary for the good side to eradicate the bad side.

In contrast to this is intuitive, holistic thinking that looks at differences but also looks beyond them. Thus, people can KNOW – in a way that cannot be argued with by the analytical mind – that it is not right to kill other people. This is not based on an analytical argument but on a holistic experience that all life is connected. Incidentally, quantum physicists have conclusively proven that we do not live in a universe of separate “things.” Everything is connected, everything is part of one, undivided whole.

It has been mentioned elsewhere, that scientific materialism has been challenged because quantum physicists have proven that the observer is not separated from the experiment but co-creates the outcome. The reason for this is that the materialistic claim of a separation between the observer and the observed is an illusion created by the dualistic consciousness. Both observer and observed are part of the same undivided whole.

The extreme outcome of the duality consciousness is that we see everything as separate “things.” That is why we see some people as separated from others, which is the only way we can be manipulated into killing each other. One person cannot kill another person if that person is seen as being the same. Only when the other person is seen as “other,” meaning belonging to a separate category of people, can that other be killed.

Of course, the most basic division between us and the others is the one between men and women. This division is a complete illusion created through the duality consciousness. We will never overcome this illusion through the same state of consciousness that created it.

The biggest problem with the modern efforts to create equality between men and women is that it is too dominated by rational, analytical thinking. It seeks to create equality between two categories of human beings, yet they are still seen as belonging to two separate categories.

The only way to create true equality is to rise above dualistic thinking, and this also cannot be done through analytical thinking. It can be done only through our intuitive faculties whereby we establish a connection to our higher selves and realize we are not masculine or feminine beings. We are spiritual beings, and some of us express ourselves through male bodies (in this lifetime) here on earth while others express ourselves through female bodies (in this lifetime). Yet we are more than our physical bodies and the four levels of our minds. We do indeed switch between male and female bodies over different lifetimes.

Only through this higher oneness will we be able to create true equality between men and women. Many women have already started developing their intuitive faculties, as can be seen in many spiritual movements. Unfortunately, men are generally still too stuck in their worship of the analytical mind as the superior way of looking at life. Until this changes, the move towards equality will not achieve its highest result and men will not achieve the balance that will prevent the fallen beings from manipulating them into going to war—over, and over, and over again.


Please note that fallen beings do not always incarnate as men. However, because fallen beings often want power and control, they naturally prefer to incarnate as men in the male-dominated societies they have created. They cannot always control when and with what sex they incarnate, so there are also fallen beings who have and are incarnated as women.

Fallen beings will often form warring groups. When one group of fallen beings form an established power elite, they will attract another group of fallen beings who become the aspiring power elite, seeking to take power away from the established elite. This means that the women’s liberation movement is also a candidate for attracting fallen beings.

Once fallen beings enter a movement, they will often make it more radical, as can be seen in the more militant feminist movements. Some movements literally want to take power away from men and give it to women, in the process punishing men for the persecution of women. They are to some degree based on a hatred of men. Naturally, such ideas come from the fallen beings.

Because our societies have been male-dominated for so long, it was absolutely necessary to have a movement for women’s liberation and for equal rights. Because our societies were so unbalanced to one side, it was even necessary that this movement started out as being unbalanced to the other side.

Yet if the movement to give equality to women is to fulfil its highest potential, it needs (especially in the older democracies) to move towards a balanced state where men and women both find balance, as described in this article. It is not truly a matter of forcing men to give women equality. It is a matter of helping both men and women find balance in themselves, whereby there will be a natural (as opposed to a forced) equality between men and women.

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