Raising consciousness

Raising the collective consciousness

Once we realize that all people are connected in consciousness, we see a new way to have a positive impact on this planet. Many, many people have an intuitive sense that we are on this planet for a reason, that we are here to leave it in a better condition than before we came.

The reason for this is that many of us volunteered to embody at this time because earth is in a crucial phase. There is a real potential that the planet can take a leap forward and throw off many of the fallen beings that are behind various aspects of evil. We are here to help move this process along, but this does NOT mean we are here to fight or destroy the fallen beings.

We will not help remove the fallen beings by fighting them. We will do our job by pulling up on the collective consciousness so there is a shift that activates the Law of Free Will, making it impossible for certain fallen beings to embody on earth, thereby removing a certain aspect of evil.

How do we pull up on the collective consciousness? By raising our individual consciousness towards the state where we have transcended all selfishness. This transformation of consciousness is the alternative to mainstream religion. It has been called the mystical path, the inner path or the intuitive path.

The creator of this website has created several other sites that describe this path in great depth. By using the teachings and tools found on these sites, you can quickly anchor yourself on the path towards a higher state of consciousness. The higher you go towards selflessness, the more you pull up on the collective consciousness.

The more you use your higher awareness to speak out from a balanced perspective, the more you will contribute to shifting the 80% of the general population towards the critical mass where a certain aspect of evil simply becomes an impossibility on earth. What would you do to make a contribution towards removing war from this planet?

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