How fallen beings use political ideologies

Fallen beings are very good at presenting themselves as being benign and even having the best interest of the people at heart while in reality seeking to control and dominate (even destroy) the people. To this end, fallen beings use not only religions but also political ideologies.

Because the fallen beings know the value of the Divide and Conquer strategy, they will often use the duality consciousness to define two political ideologies that are in opposition to each other. The classical example is capitalism and communism.

The foundation for the emergence of these two ideologies was set by the fallen beings in the form of the feudal system. This was an ideal system for the fallen beings because it had institutionalised the fallen beings as a small, privileged elite. It did last for a long time, but as all closed systems created by the fallen beings, it eventually started to self-destruct.

As the feudal system began to break up, the established power elite of the feudal lords was challenged by an aspiring power elite of people using the new business opportunities. These first businessmen were clearly fallen beings, which can be seen by how they exploited the workers in the early industries. Industrialism did not free the population but merely instituted another form of slavery. Many workers worked on a factory while living in houses owned by the factory owner and buying life’s necessities in stores owned by the company.

However, during that time, many new ideas emerged that were troubling to the fallen beings. The most worrisome for them were the ideas that all human beings have equal rights, as this goes completely against a society with a privileged power elite. The fallen beings were greatly worried about the emergence of democracies and looked for ways to undermine this development.

The fallen beings now did what they are so good at doing. They first create a problem through their own selfishness and greed. As the people become less willing to accept status quo, the fallen beings seek to use the problem that they have created in order to manipulate people in a new direction that still gives the fallen beings some control.

Thus, the fallen beings knew that the people were growing tired of living like slaves and that people were becoming critical of industrialism. The fallen beings now inspired Adam Smith to define the new economy as a particular system, namely the capitalist system.

Adam Smith did have some genuine insights into how the economy works and he was not entirely controlled by the fallen beings. Yet by defining a particular economic system, he set the stage for the fallen beings defining an opposing system, namely communism. You now have the classical conflict between two systems that are seemingly incompatible, meaning there must be a conflict and that it must end with one system obliterating the other.

Capitalism and communism have the same goal

What has been generally overlooked is that although capitalism and communism claim to be complete opposites, they actually have the same end goal.

Communism is a system where all of the means of production are owned and controlled by one, centralised entity.

What is the ultimate outcome of the capitalist system? In capitalism, businesses are in constant competition, meaning they will seek to destroy or absorb each other. The ultimate outcome of this to-the-death competition is that eventually one giant multinational corporation will gain control over all of the means of production. This may take some time, but it is the end result of the capitalist system.

What will happen when one corporation controls all means of production, having destroyed all competition? This corporation will also control the state.

Communism is an economic system that from the start gives complete control of the means of production to a single entity, defined as the state. Capitalism is a system that eventually gives complete control of the means of production to a single entity, a corporation which then controls the state.

Capitalism and communism are simply two ways to achieve the same goal, namely that the means of production are controlled by a single entity. The logical question now becomes who will control this single entity, and the answer is – obviously – the fallen beings.

Contrary to the claims made by both systems, neither capitalism nor communism are defined in order to benefit the population. They are defined in order to give the fallen beings control over the population through the economy.

The main problem with communism

Communism has many inherent problems and contradictions, which is proven by the fact that the Soviet Union collapsed and that China has abandoned communism in all but name only.

Yet the primary problem with communism is that although Karl Marx claimed to want to set the workers free, he actually condemned the workers to remaining workers for all eternity.

In a communist system, there is no room for small independent businesses, meaning that people have only one option: to work for someone else, in this case the state.

This means that communism has a systemic aversion to one of the primary means whereby people can raise their level of consciousness, namely to start a business and learn from the process of interacting with customers. This process of learning has been aborted by communism, which also aborts all spirituality and thus prevents people from following a path of personal growth. People are born into a certain position and often fill it for life, just as they did in the feudal system and many previous centralised societies.

The main problem with capitalism

In a capitalist system, corporations will grow larger and larger by eliminating competition. What is the primary competition for any corporation? It is the small, independent business. Thus, capitalism also has a systemic aversion to independent businesses. Capitalism is also restricting the learning process.

Yet the main problem with capitalism is that it claims it can co-exist with (and is compatible with) democracy. This is a complete lie. Capitalism is an economic system in which corporations are in a to-the-death struggle to outcompete each other.

This is exactly the kind of struggle that characterises the fallen beings, and it is dominated by the modus operandi of the fallen beings, namely that the end can justify the means. This very mindset is in fundamental opposition to democracy.

Democracy is based on two ideas:

  • All people are created equal and thus no group of people has special rights and privileges.
  • All people have rights that no entity in a democratic nation – not even the state – can violate, restrict, abort or take away.

Capitalism is by nature against both ideas. Capitalism is a system that is designed to gradually give a small elite control of the economy whereby they inevitably take upon themselves special rights and privileges not shared by the population. Thus, capitalists do not want the people to decide the fate of a country; they want to be the ones deciding. Since they operate with the standard that the ends can justify the means, it follows that the capitalists will by nature seek to undermine and manipulate democracy. They will do anything in their power to accomplish this goal.

Capitalists are at war with democracy, and this is simply built into the capitalist system. Of course, communism has aborted democracy from the beginning. Thus, it can be said that communism and capitalism are simply two ways of aborting the democratic form of government. Who is it that hates democracy? Well, the fallen beings, of course.

The proof that capitalism undermines democracy

By a simple observation of historical facts, the above ideas can be proven. During the late 1800s several industrialists in the United States realised that the only way to truly make money was to create a monopoly by eliminating competition. In other words, they realised that the only way to truly make money was to take capitalism to its ultimate extreme of having one corporation have a monopoly, thus being able to artificially raise prices.

They also realised that in democracy, this was difficult to attain because the government saw it as its role to protect the freedom of the people to start new businesses. Thus, they realised that if one business gained a monopoly and raised prices, this would only increase the incentive for someone else to start a new business to compete with the established one. And as long as this was allowed, there was little they could do to stop it.

These industrialists (controlled by fallen beings in the identity realm) now engaged in various attempts to change the fundamentals of society. It is commonly known that J. P. Morgan financed Lenin and the Bolshevik revolution, thus attempting to establish a society that was monopolized from the beginning.

At the same time, the industrialists used the actions of the fallen beings in the form of frequent bank failures, to argue that the government had to step in and try to provide stability in the economy. The effect of this was to create a long process in which the federal government in the United States has (through everything from financial regulations to food safety and environmental concerns) given special privileges to large established businesses and made it increasingly more difficult to start new independent businesses. This has in effect given a monopoly to a small number of large, established companies and made it impossible for new companies to compete in the marketplace.

Another proof of this is how the fallen beings have attempted to use the financial industry to create ever-more profitable, but also more risky, ways to make money. When this goes wrong, as it inevitably will, the fallen beings now argue (as they did after the financial crises of 2008) that the established businesses are “too big to fail,” meaning the government has to bail them out in order to secure stability in the economy.

It is ironic that these fallen beings will argue that before a crisis, the government should step back and allow the capitalist system to regulate the market by itself. Then, when the fallen beings create a crises that threatens their control, they cry out for the government to bail them out so they can stay in control of the system.

What would happen if the government did not step in? Surely, there would be a period of upheaval as some of the large established corporations failed. Yet this would simply open the marketplace to new businesses that would be more interested in serving the interests of their customers rather than maximising profit for a small elite.

The most obvious proof that capitalism undermines democracy is that the United States now has the largest economic inequality of any democratic country. Only 10% of the population control over 90% of the wealth, with the top 2% controlling the vast majority of that wealth.

In a country based on equal rights and equal opportunity, what should ideally have happened is that all people were becoming increasingly wealthy, with the fruits of people’s labor being shared among all who are willing to make an effort. The undeniable fact that this has not happened is a proof that the very principles upon which American democracy is founded have been systematically undermined by a small elite of fallen beings who have absolutely no respect for the equality of all people and their right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

These fallen beings are exclusively concerned about their own lives, liberty and happiness. Neither the people nor any higher principles mean anything to them.

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