How fallen beings control people

It is impossible to understand the existence of evil and the evil events of history if we look exclusively at the physical, material level. We need to know that our total world has four levels.

On a personal level, this means that the conscious mind is only the tip of the iceberg of our total consciousness. We have four levels of the mind and they form a hierarchical structure:

  • The highest level of the mind is the identity level. This is where our sense of identity is defined. It sets the foundation for how we look at ourselves, how we look at the world and how we look at what we can and cannot do in this world. For example, most people today believe in the illusion (generated by the fallen beings) that we are human or material beings and that our abilities are limited to what we can do with our physical bodies and with material technology.
  • The next level down is the mental level. Obviously, this is where our thoughts are formed. For example, if you think you are only a material being, you will look for material or technological solutions to problems. This means you automatically exclude the very solutions that the fallen beings want humanity to ignore.
  • The third level is the emotional level. There is nothing inherently negative or problematic about our feelings. Emotions deliver the energy that allows us to bring an idea through the identity mind, the mental mind and then propel it into the physical level. However, feelings are also relatively easy to manipulate, and the fallen beings and other evil beings are very good at using people’s unbalanced emotions to make them participate in evil acts.
  • The physical level. At the physical level, there is a mind that is involved with running the physical body. It is more or less like a computer that carries out its programming, for example in terms of defending your life, getting food and propagating the species.

How the mind works

The essential idea to understand is that the mind can work only because energy and consciousness flows through the four levels of the mind. As it flows through the levels, it takes on form based on the ideas, beliefs and structures we have in the levels of the mind.

Your identity mind sets the parameters for everything that goes on in your total mind. If you see yourself as an inherently limited being, then your thoughts, emotions and physical mind will not be able to override this. The lower levels of the mind can function only within the parameters set at the identity level.

If your identity level defines certain limits for what you can do, your mental mind can look for solutions only within that framework. Thus, your mental mind cannot pass on to the emotional mind anything beyond certain limits. This will then limit how you use your creative energy.

For example, many people believe they belong to a certain group of human beings that is inherently locked in a conflict with another group of human beings. This conflict is defined at the identity level. One obvious example among many is Jews and Arabs.

This means that when Jews or Arabs are looking at how to respond to a given situation, their mental minds cannot even conceive of solutions that go beyond the conflict defined at the identity level. They cannot question why Jews are in conflict with Arabs, they can only look for a way to respond within the parameters defined at the identity level.

When people’s mental bodies can only see a limited range of solutions (that do not resolve the conflict) their thoughts inevitably give rise to frustration, fear and anger in the emotional mind. This means people’s emotional minds are constantly in a stress mode where the slightest provocation can result in physical violence. Needless to say, such people are very easily controlled by the fallen beings.

How fallen beings control people’s minds

There are two primary ways in which fallen beings control people’s minds. The first one is that they seek to control the ideas, beliefs and structures that exist in people’s identity, mental and emotional minds. Once they can control what happens in the three higher levels of people’s minds, they can relatively easily control people’s physical actions.

The fallen beings achieve this control is several ways. Among them are the use of thought systems and dualistic thinking. Most groups of people also have a certain collective consciousness or mass mind, and once this has come under the control of the fallen beings, it is very difficult for individuals to break free from and go beyond the collective matrix.

The second way in which fallen beings control people’s minds is to reverse the natural energy flow through the four levels. In a natural situation, the energy flows through your identity mind, then into the mental, the emotional and the physical. The important point is that this gives you a specific way to react to what happens at the physical level.

Say an unexpected situation happens at the physical level. In a natural scenario, you will not react to this with with your emotions. You will first consider this at the identity level and evaluate how you should respond based on how you see yourself. For example, if you do not see yourself as a violent person, your identity mind will rule out a violent response. Your mental mind will look for a solution within the parameters of this non-violent attitude, meaning that your emotions will not go into blind rage.

When people have the reverse or unnatural energy flow, they will often react to the physical situation directly at the emotional level. They might easily go into blind rage where their emotions override their long-term sense of identity and neutralise their normally non-violent way of thinking.

This explains why history is littered with examples of people who have done something violent even though they do not actually see themselves as violent people. As an example, look at how many Christians and Muslims do not consider themselves or their religion to be violent, yet in certain situations they are very easily triggered into a violent reaction. Such situations are all engineered by the fallen beings in order to generate conflict.

Naturally, there is a connection between the levels of our individual minds and the levels of our world. For example, there is a connection between our emotional minds and the emotional level of the planetary energy field. At each of the four levels, we find fallen beings and/or demons and entities. These beings can influence us through the levels of the mind.

For example, there are some very powerful demons and entities in the emotional level that can influence people who have anger issues. The demons and entities can temporarily override people’s ability to think clearly and get them to respond with blind rage. This can happen at an individual level but also in groups of people.

This can be seen most clearly in a mob where a group of individuals suddenly begin to act as if under the influence of a single mind. They are under the influence of a single mind, namely a demon or fallen beings. This can even affect entire nations and it is a major factor when nations go to war.

Freeing yourself from the control of the fallen beings

Naturally, it is possible for us to free ourselves from all control of the fallen beings. However, it is necessary to recognize that the earth is currently so affected by the fallen beings and their subtle lies that this is a complex task.

The key to freedom is, naturally, to raise your awareness. Once you become aware of the existence of the fallen beings and their methods, you can begin to free the three higher levels of your mind from the structures programmed in there by the fallen beings.

This begins with considering where your conscious awareness is focused. These are the options:

  • Physical level. Some people have their conscious minds focused almost exclusively at the level of the physical body. Their mental activity revolves around protecting the body, feeding the body, pampering the body, having sex, dealing with physical diseases or other activities related to the body.
  • Emotional level. Some people are focused on their emotions. They may be in a constant state of agitation, frustration or anger. Or they may be paralysed by guilt, shame or negative self-worth. They respond emotionally to any situation, and the temporary nature of the emotions often makes them do things they regret in the long run. Yet whenever a situation triggers certain emotions, they are powerless to stop this. Other people can spend almost their entire lives dealing with, even analyzing, their emotions.
  • Mental level. Some people are focused on the intellectual, analytical mind. They are often found in the areas of education or other occupations that require mental analysis. They tend to think that one can think one’s way out of any problem. They tend to be very focused on breaking down a problem into its basic components, thereby overlooking the whole. An example is how medical science believes that by understanding the smallest components of the body, one can understand the whole. Or how physicists believe that by understanding the smallest subatomic particles, one can understand how the entire universe functions.
  • Identity level. Relatively few people are focused at the identity level. They are often the ones who are able to see the big picture instead of looking only at the individual trees in the forest. They are often intuitive and are open to the possibility that there could be something beyond the material universe.
  • The higher realm. A few people have raised their awareness to the point where they are not focused on the four levels of their own minds. They are able to reach beyond the material universe and contact the world of the ascended realm. This realm is completely beyond duality and is free of fallen beings and their thinking.

Naturally, being focused at one level is not something set in store. One can, by doing this consciously, quickly raise one’s focus to the identity level. It is only at this level that one can begin to see through the illusions created by the fallen beings and free oneself from their control. This cannot be done exclusively (although certainly progress can be made) at the mental level because the fallen beings are so good at using the analytical mind to create dualistic illusions. It is very difficult to analyse one’s way out of this maze of ideas.

Take note that what the fallen beings have attempted to create is a situation on earth where people have no frame of reference from a reality that is beyond dualistic thinking. The only way to get this frame of reference is to reach beyond the four level of the material universe.

We can do this only through our intuitive faculties that empower us to make contact with our own higher selves and with the ascended masters. We can then receive impulses that give us a non-dualistic frame of reference for evaluating the illusions generated by the fallen beings.

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