Calling forth assistance

As has been mentioned in several places on this website, we human beings are not alone in dealing with the fallen beings. We have access to the ascended masters, who are non-dualistic beings who only want to help us rise above duality and thereby rise above being controlled by the fallen beings.

What we need to realize is that whereas the fallen beings have absolutely no respect for our free will, the ascended masters have absolute respect for free will. Thus, the masters cannot  intervene until we ask them to do so. This, of course, requires us to become conscious of the existence of both the fallen beings and the ascended masters—and the fallen beings have done everything in their power to prevent us from recognising the existence of either.

The equation for earth is quite simple. The ascended masters have the power to remove all evil from earth, and they could potentially do so in the blink of an eye. However, the masters do not have the authority to decide what manifestation of evil should be removed—only we who are in physical embodiment have that authority. We have the authority but not the power; the masters have the power but not the authority. The only solution is that we use our authority to call the masters into action.

The ascended masters would gladly remove war from earth, and they could do it right now. But they do not have the authority to do so until a critical mass of people decide that they want to be free of war.

One might say: “Well, doesn’t everybody want to be free of war?” The brutal answer is: “Not at the present moment.”

One might find that a majority of the people on earth would say that they want to be free of war because they want to protect themselves from being hurt in a war. Yet on further examination, one would see that most people still have elements of the warring consciousness in their psyches.

This is because they have been exposed to trauma from war in past lives, and this has set up reactionary patterns that cause them to hold on to, for example, the belief that when you are exposed to violence, it is necessary and justified to respond in kind. Only when a critical mass of people come to see this consciousness and free themselves from the reactionary patterns, can we actually give the ascended masters the authority to remove war.

What it takes to remove evil

The fallen beings have brought most of the manifestations that we see as evil. Yet once they had introduced, for example war, to this planet, certain other mechanisms keep that manifestation of evil alive:

  • Fallen beings in the physical octave act as instigators of war or the build-up of tension that leads to war.
  • Fallen beings in the emotional, mental and identity octaves do the same.
  • There are demons or entities in the emotional octave that pull on people’s emotional bodies, often making them more prone to respond with anger that leads to violence.
  • There are certain beliefs in the collective consciousness that reinforce war and actually makes people hold on to the consciousness behind war.

We now see that in order to remove a particular manifestation of evil, three things need to happen:

  • The fallen beings behind that manifestation need to be removed from physical embodiment and from the emotional, mental and identity octaves.
  • The demons and entities that pull people into reacting need to be removed from the emotional octave.
  • A critical mass of people need to become conscious of the pattern in the collective consciousness and raise themselves above it.

Once this mechanism is understood, it becomes possible to see how even one person can make a contribution to removing evil. This can be done by authorising the ascended masters to step in and do something. In order to fully understand how this works, one needs to understand the following:

  • A fallen being will (by the Law of Free Will) be allowed to continue doing what it does (in any of the four octaves) until it is judged by the One mind. This can happen when a fallen being violates a person who has reached a certain level of Oneness consciousness. For example, the fallen beings who had Jesus killed did received the Judgment of Christ and were removed from earth. However, this can also happen when a person makes specific calls for the Judgment of Oneness (or the Judgment of Christ) upon the fallen beings. The ascended masters have given us specific tools for doing this. Be aware that such tools are most effective when you have raised yourself above the consciousness behind the phenomenon you are working on. If you want to remove war, you need to rise above the consciousness behind war.
  • There is an energy component behind all evil manifestations. As people have, for example, engaged in war throughout history, they have generated enormous amounts of fear-based energy. This energy is part of the pattern or matrix in the collective consciousness. The energy is created through a certain belief, but once the energy is there, it will pull on people’s emotional bodies, meaning that people can more easily be pulled into supporting a war. The energy also makes it more difficult for people to see through the belief behind it. As long as people are overwhelmed by anger energy, it is very difficult for them to see that defending yourself only keeps you trapped in the pattern of war and conflict. What we can do is make the calls for this energy to be re-qualified with a love-based vibration. This is done by the ascended masters, but they can only do so based on the amount of energy we invoke.

We now see that the recourse we have is to make specific calls to the ascended masters. For example, we can make calls for the Judgment of Christ upon the fallen beings behind war. We can also make calls for the dissolution of the energy in the collective consciousness that makes it harder for people to see the consciousness behind war.

It may seem hard to believe at first, but it is possible for a small amount of people to have a major impact on world events by making such calls to the ascended masters. This is because there are many events where a situation can go several ways, some higher and some lower. It is often a small difference in the energetic equation of a situation that determines whether a situation will be triggered towards it highest or lowest potential. A relatively small number of people invoking assistance from the ascended masters can shift the energetic equation so that, for example, two nations react with the highest potential and avoid a war.

Students of the ascended masters have invoked the assistance of the ascended masters since the 1930’s by saying aloud specific decrees and invocations that are given to us by the masters. If this resonates with you, you can find further information on how to do this, as well as practical tools, on the Transcendence Toolbox website. The section of World Change contains many invocations for changing world events.

If these ideas resonate with you, consider studying the book How You Can Help Change the World, which contains teachings and tools for how to invoke the assistance of the ascended masters for changing world events. If you are concerned about war, consider the book: Help the Ascended Masters Stop War

Personal protection and growth

An important aspect of calling forth energy from the ascended masters is that it can be used for your personal growth. The energy of the ascended masters has many aspects that have beneficial effects. In connection with the topic of this website, here are the most important ones:

  • Personal protection. You can call forth a shield of high-frequency energy from the ascended masters around your four lower bodies. This will serve to protect you from the influence of fallen beings and dark beings. This can quickly help you rise above, for example, the fear of studying the topic of evil.
  • Transforming fear-based energy. You can call forth the violet flame energy for the transformation of fear-based energy that has accumulated in your four lower bodies where it can manifest as physical diseases or mental diseases. This can quickly make you feel more at peace.
  • Cutting you free. You can invoke energy to cut you free from any ties you have to fallen beings or any hooks they have into your four lower bodies. For example, you can quickly cut yourself free from the influence of addictive entities or collective spirits.

You can find more information about this on the Transcendence Toolbox website.