How to know reality

Fallen beings have remained largely unrecognized on earth, and the reason is that they are very good at deceiving people whereby they can hide themselves. They use many tools to hide, but one of the most powerful tools is that they make us doubt our ability to know something from within ourselves.

Modern society is virtually run by experts who claim to have some kind of authority. In the western world, these experts fall into two main categories, those claiming to have authority based on the Christian religion and those claiming authority based on materialistic science (or scientific materialism, as science itself is not inherently materialistic).

The message we are programmed to accept as part of our PIN (Programmed Illusion of Normality) is that we can know nothing on our own. We need to have some kind of expert tell us what is reliable or what to believe. The expert needs to have some kind of authority in this world because we ourselves have no such authority.

All of these very subtle claims have only one purpose, namely to disempower us so we submit to the fallen beings who are always seeking to control us. There is no other explanation, regardless of what various authorities say.

Our intuitive faculties

The most important fact that we were never told about ourselves is that we have a built-in ability to gain reliable knowledge from inside ourselves. It is normally called intuition.

The basis for intuition is (as explained in greater detail elsewhere) that we have four levels of our minds and the energy flows from the higher levels to the physical level, the conscious mind. The four levels of the mind are:

  • The identity mind is the highest and contains the way we look at ourselves. All beliefs held here will seem to be unquestionable for the levels below.
  • The mental mind is where we think and use the linear, analytical mind. All beliefs or facts held here will be unquestionable to the lower levels.
  • The emotional mind is where we have certain patterns that determine how we react to practical situations.
  • The conscious mind is how we consciously think and feel. For many people, the activities of the conscious mind are to a very large degree determined by the patterns found in the three higher levels of the mind.

Many people do not consciously choose their thoughts or feelings, as they are results of programs in the higher levels of the mind. This is the primary mechanism that fallen beings use to control us. The only way to be free of this control is to bring the subconscious patterns into conscious awareness and dissolve them (more on this here).

Freeing ourselves from illusions

The important fact (that we were never told in school) is that the energy flows through our minds from higher to lower levels. The only way to overcome the illusions that have been programmed into the four levels of our minds is to become aware of what happens at the emotional, mental and identity level.

Fortunately, our minds have the capacity to follow this energy flow back to its source. Thereby, we can uncover and change the illusions at higher levels so we can become able to consciously choose our thoughts, feelings and actions.

Most people have been manipulated by fallen beings into focusing a lot of their attention at the physical level. Some people are more aware of their emotions while others are more intellectual or mentally focused. A few people are aware of their identity bodies and even their higher selves, and these are the people who have the clearest intuition.

Intuition can be explained as the process of freeing the mind from being focused at the physical level. Fallen beings have created many smokescreens at the physical level that make it very difficult for us to see the fallacy of their claim to have authority.

When wee free our minds from its focus on the physical and raise our awareness to the higher levels, we gain a broader perspective. By raising our awareness to the identity level or beyond, we can easily see that some of the claims made at the physical level are simply smokescreens. This is the only way to free ourselves from the many authority figures on earth who are claiming to work for some higher good but are actually controlled by fallen beings in the higher octaves.

Raising consciousness

In order to fully understand intuition, it is necessary to be aware that we human beings have the option to gradually raise our level of consciousness. We can systematically raise ourselves beyond the most common state of consciousness on earth, namely that of being focused on oneself, seeing oneself as a separate being and thinking in dualistic terms of “me against them.”

As we gradually raise our consciousness, our intuition will become clearer. It is therefore important NOT to look at intuition as something that will give you an absolute or infallible truth. The idea that a truth on earth can be absolute or infallible is another deception created by fallen beings.

Earth is (as explained elsewhere) a planet with a very low level of collective consciousness, which is why there is so much evil here. Because of this, there is no way we can know an absolute truth while being in physical embodiment.

Right now, you are at a certain level of consciousness. Your intuition can give you knowledge that is a little bit beyond your current level of consciousness, but not too far beyond, as you would not be able to grasp or accept it.

Freeing yourself from the influence of fallen beings is not a matter of finding some absolute truth or infallible belief system—and PUFF you are instantly free. It is a lifelong process of gradually raising your level of consciousness until you reach the kind of consciousness demonstrated by Jesus, Buddha and other spiritual examples.

Knowing the reality of this website

This website will give you concepts, but they will have value to you only as they are confirmed by your intuition. Be aware that this site may give some concepts that are difficult to grasp or accept with your present level of consciousness. Yet as you raise your consciousness, you will gradually gain inner confirmation that the ideas on this site are indeed valid and valuable.

Raising our consciousness is the ONLY way to escape the influence of fallen beings. That is why they have done and will continue to do everything in their power to prevent people from recognizing that there is a systematic path that leads from lower to higher states of consciousness.

This mystical or spiritual path has always been available in one form of another, but it has never been accepted by the authorities of any society. In today’s world this path has been explained more clearly than ever before in recorded history. You have never had a better opportunity to walk this path.

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