The cosmic origin of evil

The energy continuum

Albert Einstein discovered that we do not live in a world made of two substances, namely matter and energy. Instead, we live in a world where everything is energy. What we perceive as solid matter is truly vibrating energy that has taken on a certain form.

Our physical senses are designed to detect the level of energy frequencies that we have labelled as matter. When we realize that matter is a form of vibrating energy, we can take our thinking beyond the limitations of our physical senses.

All thought systems that deny the existence of something beyond the material universe (scientific materialism, communism, empiricism etc.) are based on the limitations of our senses. We cannot explain evil if we refuse to go beyond this sensory-based view of the world. All such thought systems are based on an intent to get people to ignore or deny their intuition. It is intuition that allows us to sense the part of reality that vibrates beyond the material world.

When we acknowledge that matter is energy and that energy is something that vibrates, we realize that there is a potentially very large continuum of energy frequencies. For example, we know from the tonal scale that audible tones can be divided into octaves, ranging from lower to higher vibrations. We know there are infrared and ultraviolet light rays that our eyes cannot see.

The material universe is a very small “pocket” in a very large continuum of energies. This continuum has many levels or layers that are beyond what we can detect with our physical senses and scientific instruments.

The instruments made by scientists are all made of matter, and this gives them a limited range, an observation horizon. How can we know there are other “worlds” beyond the material? By using an instrument that is not limited to the material frequency spectrum, namely our minds. Yet we first need to free our minds from the limitations of the senses and the materialistic world view. For more on how to do this, see How to know reality.

When we free our minds from the sensory-based PIN (Programmed Illusion of Normality), we can realize that even though the material universe is very vast, it is still only one small pocket in a much larger continuum.

The material world that we experience with our senses is made from energies that vibrate within a certain spectrum or range. For most people, their minds have become limited so they can detect only frequencies in the material spectrum. It is possible to retrain the mind so we can intuitively tune in to frequencies beyond the material spectrum.


If our minds were retrained so we could “see” beyond the material world, we would first detect the other three realms that make up our world. For more on this, see The four levels of our world.

As we go beyond these realms, we see a world that is higher than our world in vibration. As we continue to tune in to higher vibrations, we discover that there are several levels or spheres in this higher world. We will now build on this to explain how our world was created.

How the world was created

If we continue to detect higher vibrations, we eventually end up at a level where we find the self-aware being that started the creative process of our world. We might call this the Creator, to distinguish it from the images of god defined on earth. This Creator has a level of consciousness that we cannot fathom and that cannot be described by any of the images of god found in the religions of earth.

The Creator first formed the desire or will to create our world. It then defined a boundary around itself.

The Creator then withdrew its being into a single point in the center of what became a void.

The Creator then projected its own Being or consciousness out and created a sphere inside the void, a sphere that did not fill the void. This sphere was made up of what we call energy although it had a much higher vibration than our world.

In this first sphere, the Creator defined certain structures, comparable to (but not similar to) our galaxies, solar systems and planets. The Creator then projected itself into this sphere as individual self-aware beings. These beings had a point-like, localized sense of self, in contrast to the Creator’s spherical, non-localized sense of self.

How free will is part of the design

These first co-creators had the capacity of mind to take the base energy of their sphere and fashion it into forms, comparable to (but not exactly like) the forms we see on earth, such as buildings. The purpose was that the first co-creators would use the mind’s capacity to build upon the foundation set by the Creator.

They would create more complex structures and in doing so, they would raise their consciousness and raise the vibration of their sphere to a critical level. As this level was reached, the entire sphere would ascend and become permanent and all co-creators would become ascended masters.

When the sphere was created, it was not permanent and neither were the co-creators. The reason for this is that in order to grow in consciousness, a co-creator must have free will.

A new co-creator has a point-like, very localized sense of self. Since there are many new co-creators, it is possible that they can use their free will in ways that harm each other. There are two levels of free will.

  • The lowest level of free will is where a co-creator sees itself as not only an individual being but a separate being. It therefore exercises its free will based on the illusion that it is separated from other beings. The co-creator knows that its choices have consequences, but it now becomes susceptible to the illusion that it can make choices that seemingly benefit itself while harming others. This is the illusion that “I” can do something that harms “you” without affecting myself. This illusion is obviously very common on earth.
  • The higher level of free will is where a co-creator realizes that although it is an individual being, it is created out of the One Mind of the Creator—and so are all other co-creators. Thus, all co-creators are connected in consciousness, meaning that what we do to others, we are also doing to ourselves. It is when we consciously acknowledge and internalize this reality that we can co-create (raise our world and benefit all life) rather than de-create (create suffering and limitations for everyone on our planet).

Only if a majority of the co-creators in a sphere use their free will to co-create, can the sphere be raised until it ascends and becomes permanent. This happens when co-creators make the conscious choice to raise their free will to the point where they permanently choose to stop acting as separate beings but act as beings who are part of a whole. They then know that whatever they do to others also affects themselves. Therefore, they voluntarily choose to only do what benefits the whole.

When all co-creators make that choice, a sphere can be raised to the point where it can ascend and become permanent. The co-creators have then mastered their own minds, meaning they also ascend and become ascended masters. When that happens, the creative process continues.

How the first spheres grew

When the co-creators in the first sphere had made the choice of oneness, their sphere ascended. These co-creators now became ascended masters, meaning they had attained immortality by choosing to transcend the level of selfish choices.

After the first sphere ascended, the Creator projected itself as a second sphere that had a slightly more dense vibration than the first sphere. The ascended masters from the first sphere now created the structures in the second sphere. They then projected parts of their own beings into the second sphere as self-aware co-creators with free will.

After a long time, the second sphere ascended. The co-creators became ascended masters. The ascended masters from the first sphere now created the third sphere with a slightly more dense vibration. The newly ascended masters from the second sphere created the structures in the third sphere and then projected parts of their beings into it as new co-creators.

This is how the creation of succeeding spheres takes place. In the first three spheres, all co-creators chose to overcome separation and selfishness and raise their free will to the level of oneness. However, in the fourth sphere, a shift occurred.

The origin of fallen beings

The fourth sphere was created like the first three, only with a more dense vibration than the third. The vast majority of the co-creators in the fourth sphere chose to overcome selfishness and this caused the sphere to come close to the ascension point.

As this happened, some of the co-creators in the fourth sphere were not willing to let go of their focus on self. This did not mean these beings were what we on earth see as evil. In fact, these co-creators would have seemed very sophisticated and powerful to us.

However, these co-creators had not understood the basic dynamic of creating a sphere that is not permanent. The purpose of this is that co-creators can experiment with their free will without creating consequences that become permanent and thus affect them forever. An unascended sphere is created from energy that can easily be erased or changed in vibration. It can be considered a cosmic sandbox where co-creators can experiment without hurting the sand (the energy).

In the fourth sphere, some co-creators had created very sophisticated civilizations that would be very impressive to us on earth. However, they were not created based on selflessness, the awareness of oneness. They were created based on the illusion that it might be possible to raise the separate self to such a high level that it can become permanent.

In reality, nothing in an unascended sphere can become permanent. In order to ascend, a co-creator has to give up all of the structures it has created and the self through which it has created these structures. Naturally, the co-creator will not seize to exist but will attain a higher state of awareness as an ascended master.

Some of the co-creators in the fourth sphere did not grasp this, and thus they were not willing to give up the sophisticated civilizations they had created and for which they had set themselves up as undisputed leaders. First of all, they were not willing to give up the selves that made them feel they were more powerful and important than all of the other people on their planets.

As the fourth sphere came closer to the ascension point, it became clear to the ascended masters that some co-creators (and many of their followers on their planets) were not willing to ascend with the rest of the sphere. This was not an unforeseen possibility, and thus the masters activated a Plan B.

Naturally, this required a balancing of the free will of the vast majority of the co-creators in the fourth sphere (who wanted to ascend) with the free will of the small minority (who did not want to ascend). This meant that the fourth sphere ascended and the co-creators who were not willing to ascend, then descended into the fifth sphere, as it was created.

These beings are called “fallen beings” in order to signify that they did not volunteer consciously to take embodiment in the fifth sphere. They fell into this sphere as a consequence of their unwillingness to give up their separate selves and ascend with their original sphere.

Different groups of fallen beings

The fallen beings were given special planets on which to embody in order to give them further opportunities to live out their separate selves until they would have enough of this experience and want something more. Some of the fallen beings from the fourth sphere did indeed ascend when the fifth sphere ascended.

A few of the fallen beings from the fourth sphere were not willing to ascend with the fifth sphere so they fell again into the sixth sphere. A few of the co-creators from the fifth sphere also fell.

Again, this pattern was repeated in the sixth sphere. Our universe is in the seventh of the spheres in our creation. This means we have in this sphere beings who fell in the fourth, fifth and sixth spheres. Some of these beings have fallen three times.

The importance of this is that these fallen beings feel they are much more sophisticated than any of the co-creators who came into being in this sphere. The fallen beings are convinced that their separate selves are far more powerful than us and that they know better how the universe is working or should be working.

The fallen beings feel they have a right to rule over us and to manipulate us according to their world view, their PIN. They also have no sense of oneness or kinship with us, and that is why they have no empathy and are completely indifferent to the suffering they inflict upon others.

The fallen beings associated with earth feel they are the rightful rulers of this planet, and the rest of us should follow them blindly. They have a right to deceive or force us in order to get us to follow them. If we resist, they have a right to kill any number of us. They have no more compunctions about killing a human being than most of us have about swatting a mosquito. They consider us a lower life form.

Understanding that fallen beings exist and are on earth is the essential key to understanding evil. Without this knowledge, you will be unable to understand many of the events seen in history and in the world today.

Only fallen beings who have no kinship with human beings could have precipitated the Holocaust, the mass killings of Joseph Stalin and Mao Tzetung as well as so many other atrocities. Only fallen beings could have precipitated the long-term atrocities, such as war, poverty, disease, inequality and many others. These are often seen as unavoidable, but they are created by fallen beings in order to control or destroy us.

Why have you never heard of this?

The existence of fallen beings is the very key to understanding evil on earth so why have you never heard about this? Because the fallen beings have done everything within their power to obscure the following facts:

  • There is a world beyond the material world and it is very complex and very old.
  • There are beings on earth who were not created in our universe.
  • These beings have had a very long time to devolve into selfishness and that is why they have no compunctions about killing or torturing human beings.
  • We have all lived many lifetimes before this one, meaning we are all complex beings.
  • We all have the potential to devolve into selfishness and become fallen beings or to evolve into oneness and become ascended masters.
  • There are self-aware beings in a higher realm who have created our world and who have created us as extensions of themselves.
  • These ascended masters are perfectly willing to help us raise our consciousness and remove the fallen beings from earth.
  • We do not have the power to remove the fallen beings by ourselves. The ascended masters have the power to do this, but they do not have the authority because they are not in embodiment.
  • We who are in embodiment have the authority to get the fallen beings removed, but we need to give that authority to the ascended masters so they can use their power.
  • The fallen beings will do anything in their power – will use any kind of deception or any amount of force – in order to prevent us from knowing about them and from giving our authority to the ascended masters.

This explains why these basic facts have been hidden from the PIN of any society seen on earth today. The reason these facts can now be released publicly is that the consciousness of humankind as a whole has been raised to such a level that the fallen beings can no longer prevent this release. They will, however, do anything in their power to prevent people from accepting this information.

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