Origin of Evil

The central enigma of evil

The cosmic origin of the beings who precipitate evil is one of the best kept secrets on earth. It is a secret because fallen beings have done everything in their power to obscure their existence, their origin and their methods of control.

This section will explain the origin of fallen beings, but in order to do so, we need to go very far beyond the PIN (Programmed Illusion of Normality) created by the power elites that have ruled this planet for a very long time. We need to go beyond both religious and non-religious world views. We will begin by looking at the purpose of life.

The most baffling question about evil is the following:

Consider some of the truly evil acts that have taken place in history, such as wars, the Holocaust, mass killings and massacres, torture of children to get their parents to talk and numerous others. Then, consider that these acts have been conceived of and carried out by human beings, or at least beings in human bodies.

The question now becomes: What kind of beings would come up with the ideas for such monstrous evil and then be able and willing to carry them out???

Is it reasonable that human beings would be able to do this to other human beings? Or is the explanation that there is a special kind of beings who have conceived of and perpetrated most of the evil acts seen in history? If such beings exist, where did they come from and how did they end up on earth?

This section will give answers to these questions. However, these answers will require us to go far beyond the PIN found in any society.

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The purpose of life
In order to understand the origin of fallen beings, it is necessary to understand the purpose of life and the ongoing nature of life.

The cosmic origin of evil
An explanation of where fallen beings came from. This will go beyond anything found from any other source, including any religious or mystical philosophy. It will provide a logical and consistent explanation of why fallen beings are completely insensitive to the rest of us. It will also expose their basic agenda.

The four levels of our world
It is impossible to understand evil by looking only at the material world. You need to know that our would has four levels, made of energies that vibrate within different spectra of frequencies. These levels are linked so that physical phenomena are to a large extent the effect of causes in the higher energetic realms.