Evil Today

It is impossible to understand what is happening in today’s world if one does not understand that there is a group of beings who may “walk like a man, talk like a man” but who are not thinking like a man.

The fallen beings are NOT like human beings. They have no basic humanity, no empathy, and they always have a hidden agenda that can be very hard to understand for people who have a basic respect for life.

The fallen beings will do anything to get power or to maintain power and they have no consideration for the amount of suffering they inflict upon humanity. We are nothing more than chess pieces that can be moved around and sacrificed whenever necessary to protect the king.

One also needs to understand that we are not dealing only with fallen beings in embodiment. Many of the people who have perpetrated the greatest evils have been mere puppets on a string, being controlled by fallen beings or other dark beings in the three higher octaves.

If one does not recognize that there are realms beyond the material, that there are beings in these realms and that such beings can control people in embodiment, then how will one ever understand the many seemingly contradictory things happening on earth? It is impossible to understand and the effect for most people is that they simply give up.

This sense of being powerless is exactly what keeps the fallen beings on this planet. It is what prevents us from doing what we need to do in order to get the fallen beings removed from earth.

This section explains how the fallen beings work in specific areas of society. The purpose is to help people become aware of the methods of the fallen beings. Raising our awareness is always the first step towards improvement.

Keep in mind that the fallen beings always form opposing groups. That is why they are often working against each other and can have seemingly opposite agendas or intentions. Contradictions are built into he fallen mindset, and this is one reason many people give up trying to understand evil. Once you start seeing the overall agendas of the fallen beings, it becomes easier to avoid confusion and see what is behind the smokescreen created by the fallen beings.

The four main agendas of the fallen beings:

The fallen beings have many hidden agendas, but if you understand the main four, you can quickly expose the cause behind most of the world events that are normally very difficult to understand:

  • To prove God wrong by getting us to destroy ourselves.
  • To control us through force, manipulation and deception.
  • To steal our energy by getting us to qualify pure energy with a fear-based vibration.
  • To set themselves up as a power elite with special privileges, a power elite that cannot be challenged or gainsaid.

War and the arms race
The fallen beings brought war to this planet and they want to keep the arms race going indefinitely. But why do they want more and more powerful weapons?

Conflicts between groups of people
Learn how the fallen beings can keep people in an endless spiral of one conflict setting the stage for the next conflict. And people never realize that the cause they think they are fighting for is an illusion created by the fallen beings.

Economic inequality
There is no better proof that modern democracies are influenced by the fallen beings than the rising economic inequality. This springs from the desire of the fallen beings to set themselves up as a privileged elite.

How fallen beings use the economy
Learn how the fallen beings have created a wartime economy by manipulating the creation of money and how they have created a gambling economy that is based on people’s perception and not on anything of real value.

The environmental issue
Even nature is not above being used as a tool by the fallen beings in their quest to control us, make us feel guilty for being alive or make us hate ourselves.

The war between science and religion
Only when you truly understand why there is a war between science and religion, will you know the best-kept secret of history. It all revolves around the one thing that the fallen beings want to prevent us from realising.

The fallen beings and women
Learn how the fallen beings created an elaborate deception of male superiority simply because it was easier for them to manipulate men into going to war. Only when there is balance between men and women, can we rise above the manipulation of the fallen beings.