Basic Knowledge

What you need to know in order to get the most out of this website

This section contains information that helps you build a strong foundation for understanding evil as a force and how you can begin to free yourself from its influence.

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Denial – a powerful weapon for evil
The fallen beings will do anything to stay hidden, and their primary weapon is the PIN (Programmed Illusion of Normality). When confronted with the truth about evil, many people will feel it goes too far beyond their PIN, and thus they go into denial. Fallen beings are very clever at using this psychological mechanism.

How to know reality. 
This website will not attempt to give some kind of physical, logical or empirical proof of the ideas given. The reason is that such proof can never be final but can always be argued against. In order to know whether this website is valid, you need to use your intuition. Learn why fallen beings do not want you to use your intuitive faculties.

The least you need to know about evil
Quickly learn the absolute minimum you need to know about the phenomenon of evil, namely that it is not natural and not the result of random processes. It is deliberately and aggressively created by a certain type of beings, called “fallen beings.”

What is evil?
Learn why it can be dangerous to define evil and then get a preliminary definition of evil.

Evil and free will
It is important to understand that evil is not inevitable. It is the result of a choice, made by fallen beings. Evil can influence us only when we make an unaware choice, which means we can overcome evil by making a more aware choice.

The problem of evil
For centuries people have debated why an almighty and good God would allow evil to exist. Learn why evil is not the result of God’s choice, but is a result of the choices of individual beings with free will. The so-called “problem of evil” is an artificial problem, created by fallen beings.