Elitism – the missing link in our understanding of history

Everything you were ever told about history was either a direct lie or an incomplete truth. The simple reason is that we will never be able to understand history unless we know that fallen beings exist and understand how they have influenced this planet for a very long time.

The primary effect of the presence of fallen beings on earth is that they are always attempting to turn ANY society into an elitist structure with themselves on top.

If you do not understand elitism and its real cause, you will be struggling in vain for an understanding of why this planet is the way it is and why all human societies have failed. They have failed because any structure created by the fallen beings will inevitably self-destruct.

This has been proven by the laws of physics, as discovered by scientists. The primary law that governs this is called the second law of thermodynamics. It states that in a closed system, entropy (meaning disorder) will increase until the system reaches its lowest possible energy state. In less scientific terms, this law says:

All closed systems WILL self-destruct.

Because of their long history, the fallen beings are absolutely convinced that they are superior to human beings and thus do not need to listen to us. In any society, the fallen beings will (often over several lifetimes) seek to form an elite that has power over the people and thus enjoy special privileges. The fallen beings are basically attempting to turn the rest of us into slaves that work to give them a privileged lifestyle. One typical example was the feudal societies of the middle ages in which the majority of the people slaved to give a the noble class a very comfortable lifestyle.

As explained, the fallen beings have shut themselves off from the flow of energy that upholds creation. Thus, their minds are closed systems. When the fallen beings find themselves on a planet like earth, they will always seek to gain power and set themselves up as an elite.

They will use whatever conditions or ideas are available at the time, but because they are in duality, the elitist societies they create will always be closed systems. This explains why such societies will inevitably self-destruct or be overrun by an external enemy. They are not open to input from without, neither from the ascended masters in the spiritual realm nor from the people here on earth.

Primary examples are the Roman Empire and the Soviet Union. Take note that the fallen beings had no compunctions about using an ideology that espoused the equality of all people in order to create the highly elitist system of the Soviet Union. Also, they had no compunctions about using the egalitarian philosophy of Jesus to create the elitist societies of the middle ages, in which the Catholic church served to keep people subservient to the noble class.

The only way out of being trapped in these closed, elitist, self-desctructive societies is for the people to accept responsibility for ourselves and to begin to use our inherent powers to get a higher perspective from within, from the ascended masters. In order to create sustainable societies, we need a structure that is not a closed system but is open to input from the people below and the ascended masters above.

Otherwise, we will continue to allow the fallen beings to create more and more unbalanced societies that will self-destruct in more and more “spectacular” ways. Although this may, hopefully, make it more and more obvious to us that following the fallen beings has never worked, does not work and will never work, it is a very hard way to learn. It is high time that we raise our societies above this “School of Hard Knocks” and start learning in a better way.

Established and aspiring power elites

The fallen beings are always seeking to create a society that is controlled by a small elite, perhaps even a single dictator. The reason they have never managed to create a society with world-wide control is that they are always divided into two or more opposing groups:

  • There is usually one group of fallen beings who have taken control over a given society. They form the established power elite.
  • There is another group of fallen beings who want to get the power of the established elite. They form the aspiring power elite.

Many of the conflicts seen in history can be fully understood only when one understands this ongoing power struggle between groups of fallen beings. Some examples of the struggle between an aspiring and an established power elite (both often made up of fallen beings) are:

  • The kings and the noblemen of France formed an established power elite. Robespierre and the people around him formed the aspiring power elite.
  • The Tsar and the noblemen of Russia formed the established power elite. Lenin and the Bolsheviks formed the aspiring power elite.
  • The emperor and noblemen of China formed the established power elite. Mao Tse Tung and the communists around him formed the aspiring power elite.

The aspiring power elite will often attempt to take power by getting the people to rebel against the established elite. This is often relatively easy because the established elite is often blind to the suffering of the people, which then becomes more and more extreme.

The aspiring power elite will always promise the people a better society, but as each of the examples above proves, the people often end up with less freedom and an even stronger repression The reason is that the fallen beings in the aspiring power elite know they have taken power through violence, and this makes them paranoid that someone else could do the same to them.

This explains why you see that once a new power elite has been formed, they become willing to suppress the people and even kill any number of their own people in order to stay in power. This explains why Joseph Stalin was willing to kill 21 million people in order to solidify his power. It explains why Mao Tse Tung was willing to kill 70 million people in order to gain and maintain power. ONLY fallen beings have this unrestricted willingness to kill their own people. The reason is that a fallen being does not look at human beings as “his own people.” We are simply tools that can be killed without any consideration of any higher principles.

This dynamic can be compared to the German philosopher Hegel, who said that a thesis creates its own anti-thesis, and the struggle between the two forms a new synthesis.

An established power elite group forms a thesis. By its repressive nature (fallen beings always seek control, which means repression) this creates an anti-thesis, which attracts another group of fallen beings who form an aspiring power elite.

The struggle between the two groups of fallen beings leads to the overthrow of the established elite, which form a synthesis. Yet because the new leaders are also fallen beings, they become even more repressive than the old, which creates a new anti-thesis. This attracts either another group of fallen beings or even the fallen beings (now reincarnated) from the old established elite.

The struggle leads to a new synthesis, which creates another anti-thesis. This struggle between groups of fallen beings can go on indefinitely, or at least until we, the people, learn the lesson and demand a higher form of leadership. This requires us to take responsibility for ourselves and our societies so we no longer allow the fallen beings to define how we see ourselves and our own abilities.

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