The four levels of our world

One cannot understand evil by looking only at the material world. It is necessary to recognize that we do not live in a world that is existing in a state of separation, being unaffected by anything outside itself.

In reality, the material world is part of an energy continuum, and what we can detect with our physical senses and material instruments is like the tip of an iceberg. If you only look at the tip of the iceberg, how likely are you to understand why it drifts southward against the wind?

The material universe is made from energy that vibrates within a certain spectrum. This is comparable to the tonal scale that can be divided into octaves. There are sounds that fall outside the octaves that can be heard by our ears.

The material world is the lowest octave (lowest vibration) of a total of four realms or octaves. They are:

  • The material or physical octave, which is what we can detect with our physical senses and with scientific instruments made out of matter. As with our senses, all instruments have a limited range, which creates an observation horizon that we cannot see beyond.
  • The next octave up in vibration from the physical is the emotional. On a personal level, this corresponds to our emotional “body.”
  • Up from the emotional is the mental octave, which corresponds to the level of our thoughts.
  • The highest of the four octaves is the identity realm, which corresponds to our sense of identity. What kind of beings do we see ourselves as; what do we think we can and cannot do?

The importance of the four octaves is that the physical is the lowest, which means that most material phenomena cannot be explained by looking only at the material world. Science recognizes cause and effect, but does not recognize that not all causes can be found in the material world.

Most material phenomena start in the identity realm, are then made more concrete in the mental realm, gain momentum in the emotional and then cross the boundary and become what we detect as a material phenomena. Causes most often start in the three higher octaves, and that is why we cannot understand evil as a purely material phenomenon.

Evil is not an exclusively material phenomenon. Consider why Adolf Hitler precipitated the Holocaust. If you look at Hitler’s family tree, you cannot find anyone as evil as him. So how can you explain his behaviour by genetic inheritance? If you look only at his upbringing, you will find many people who had a more difficult childhood without becoming mass murderers.

Hitler did not precipitate the Holocaust for exclusively material reasons. There was an emotional component (causing him to hate people), a mental component (causing him to create an ideology that “justified” genocide), but most importantly was his sense of identity as being inherently superior to human beings. This demonstrates that Hitler was a fallen being.

One also cannot understand Hitler without recognizing that he was not acting alone. He was almost totally controlled by evil beings in the emotional, mental and identity octaves. As will be explained elsewhere, there are evil beings in all four octaves. Human beings can do evil things, but only when they are controlled by evil beings in the three higher octaves.

Trying to explain evil by looking only at material causes is like trying to explain the tide while looking only at the sea.

The knowledge of the four octaves is also important in connection with the explanation of how the world was created. There is a realm beyond the four octaves, and this is where the ascended masters reside.

It was these ascended beings who created our world. They did so by first forming a vision at the identity level. They then made this vision more concrete at the mental level, gave is momentum at the emotional level and finally lowered it into the physical vibrational spectrum.

Anything we do is done with energy we receive from the higher realm, from our higher selves. This energy flows into the identity, mental and emotional “bodies” before it takes the form of our physical actions. When people do evil things, it is often because evil beings in the three higher octaves have managed to distort the natural flow of energy through our three higher bodies.

Evil beings can control our actions by controlling our emotions, our thoughts and our sense of identity. How this is done will be explained in other sections.

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