How fallen beings use dictatorships

In many ways, a dictatorship is the ideal form of government for the fallen beings. The only problem is the question of which fallen being will get to be the all-powerful dictator. Since the fallen beings are in the duality consciousness, there is usually more than one fallen being in embodiment who wants ultimate power, and this sets up an inevitable power struggle between them.

Many of the wars seen in history can be reduced to a personal power struggle between two fallen beings who have been competing with each other for lifetimes, using their people as pawns in this senseless struggle.

What makes a dictatorship possible is that a large group of people have gone into a state of consciousness where they do not want to take responsibility for themselves. When people do not want to make their own decisions, they are easily manipulated into following a fallen being who will gladly make decisions for the people. A fallen being has no empathy for the suffering of the people and thus does not care how his or her decisions affect the people. This explains why dictators, such as Hitler, Stalin and Mao, created such incredible suffering for their own people.

Why do some people continue to follow the fallen beings? Because they do not want to make their own decisions. This state of mind is to a large part created or induced by the fallen beings. The fallen beings have manipulated people into following them and this has led to disastrous consequences. Thus, people have become even more afraid of making the wrong decisions and want to make no decisions at all.

When will this vicious circle be broken? Only when people suffer such severe consequences that they realize the madness of following these egomaniacal dictators (meaning, following the fallen beings). The overall purpose of Hitler was to teach people not to follow the fallen beings. So far, it seems as if most people in Europe have started to learn this lesson although they have not fully realised the existence of fallen beings.

Take note that a dictator MUST have an external enemy. The equation is simple: A dictator has all power within his own country, meaning that when he cannot solve the people’s problems, there is no one else to blame. Thus, a dictator must have an external enemy that he can blame for his own failings. They are the ones who are preventing him from delivering on his promises to the people.

The consequence is that the more power a person manages to take on, the more he needs an external enemy as a scapegoat. As Vladimir Putin has claimed more and more power in Russia, his rhetoric against the West has increased. He simply needs a scapegoat to explain why he has not solved all of Russia’s problems. Why do so many Russians support Putin? Because they are not willing to make their own decisions.

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