The war between science and religion

The tense relationship between religion (specifically Christianity) and science (specifically scientific materialism) is a textbook example (if there were textbooks about the fallen beings) of how fallen beings influence society.

It all started with Christianity, which was taken over by the fallen beings after they created the Catholic church. The Catholic church became one of the most efficient mind-control machines ever created by the fallen beings, and it remained so for almost a thousand years.

Because it was dominant for so long, the Catholic church came to define the western world’s approach to religion. Many people believe that the only way to look at religion is the way defined by the Catholic church. This way has some characteristics:

  • There can be only one true religion. All others must be false. It is all-or-nothing.
  • There can be only one approach to religion, namely that you are a member of a church, believe in its doctrines without questioning them and obey its priesthood. You are either a member of not. It is all-or-nothing.
  • The doctrines of the religion are absolutely true because the leaders of the religion receive infallible revelation from God. If one doctrine was proven wrong, the entire claim to infallibility would fall. It is all-or-nothing.
  • The doctrines are infallible, meaning they cannot change over time. A religion remains constant and does not change when times and people’s needs change. It is all-or-nothing.

The effect of this approach to religion is to create a closed system. As all closed systems, it contains internal contradictions that will eventually cause it to fail. It is generally assumed that the Catholic church lost its power over the people because of the emergence of science. In reality, the church lost its power because it had created “infallible” doctrines that could not explain people’s questions. In an attempt to explain what could not be explained by doctrine, the church created more and more contradictions and people started to question this. Science helped that process along, but it was started by the internal contradictions of the closed system, which simply could not adapt as people’s needs changed.

The most deceptive outcome of the mind control exercised by the Catholic church is that to this day, most people think the Catholic church is a religion and that it defines what a religion is. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

In reality, the Catholic church was created by the fallen beings specifically as a mind-control machine. Thus, one could say that the church is not a religion but a political apparatus. Its purpose has nothing to do with people’s relationship to God or their entry into another world after this one. Its sole purpose is to control people’s thoughts and actions in this world.

The Catholic church is a perfect example of how an established power elite formed. Once it had established itself, it did everything in its power (including the incredibly aggressive measures of the Inquisition and the witch hunts) to stay in control of society. Based on what is explained elsewhere, the question now becomes whether the emergence of science as a counter-force to the Catholic church was a true liberation of people’s minds or whether science became taken over by an aspiring power elite.

From science to scientific materialism

When the Catholic church published an official doctrine, nobody was supposed to question it, meaning nobody was supposed to compare doctrine to reality. When the church said the earth was the centre of the universe, nobody was supposed to look at the stars to see if doctrine conformed to observation.

The essence of science is the scientific method, which is based on the very principle that there is no absolute, infallible of never-changing statement, principle or doctrine. Everything can and should be questioned, meaning it should be compared to direct observation of the world.

This was a revolutionary approach to knowledge, compared to the approach taken by the Catholic church. What has been generally overlooked is that it is also a revolutionary approach to knowledge compared to the one taken by scientific materialism today.

We can neutrally observe that from the 1600s to the 1900s, science went from being an open-ended process (where scientists could question and research anything) to being a closed system with a centralised doctrine that no one is allowed to question. This doctrine says that we live in an entirely materialistic universe and that all observable phenomena MUST have a purely materialistic explanation. There can be NOTHING beyond the material universe and ANY non-material cause is simply an illusion.

One cannot deny this shift without denying historical facts, so the question now becomes how this happened? The official claim is, of course, that materialism is not an interpretation but is based on a self-evident truth. Yet how is this claim to infallibility different in substance from the one made by the Catholic church?

The real question is why people need to make such a claim to infallibility, especially in the field of science? If the scientific method is based on comparing theory with observation, why is it necessary to create a doctrine that cannot be questioned (try questioning materialism and observe the incredibly hostile reaction from the thought police of the scientific establishment)? The next question becomes, what kind of people need a doctrine that cannot be questioned by the population? Oh yes, only people who want to control he population need a doctrine that the people cannot question. Of course, only fallen beings need to control the population.

What truly happened was that science was pioneered by people who had an open-ended approach to knowledge. They wanted to advance human knowledge and had no political motives. Yet after science became a challenge to the Catholic church, an aspiring power elite quickly realised that they could use science—not to free the people but to put themselves in the position of power so far held by the Catholic clergy. This aspiring power elite had no interest in freeing the minds of the people. They wanted the same power as the established power elite, and in order to get such power, you need to control the minds of the people. Controlling people’s minds means (among other things) to set up doctrines that people dare not question.

This aspiring power elite now began building a political superstructure on top of pure science, taking science and scientists hostage in their political game—and they remain hostages to this day. Scientific materialism has as little to do with open-ended science as the Catholic church has to do with the open-ended approach to spirituality practiced by Jesus. Scientific materialism has characteristics that are eerily similar to the ones of the Catholic church mentioned above:

  • There can be only one scientific truth, and it is materialism. All others must be false. It is all-or-nothing.
  • There can be only one approach to knowledge, namely that you are a member of the scientific community, believe in its materialistic doctrines without questioning them and obey its priesthood. It is all-or-nothing.
  • The doctrines of materialism are absolutely true because the leaders of the scientific establishment have an infallible interpretation of scientific research. If materialism was proven wrong, the entire claim to infallibility would fall. It is all-or-nothing.
  • Materialism is infallible, meaning that although individual theories may evolve, materialism itself cannot change over time. Materialism remains constant and does not change when times and people’s needs change. It is all-or-nothing.

The simple fact is that scientific materialism has become a mind-control machine, and although it is not as powerful as that of the Catholic church, it still has a very large influence on modern society and the minds of modern people. It is common knowledge among scientists that there are limits beyond which scientific research cannot go. If a scientist proposes research that challenges materialism, he or she can quickly find research grants drying up. If one proposes a challenge to materialism, one’s professional reputation will quickly suffer. It is next to impossible to get anything that challenges materialism published in official scientific journals. We have even seen the emergence of a group of scientists and writers (popularly called “militant atheists” with one person calling himself “Darwin’s Rottweiler”) who are seeking to ridicule all religion but especially anyone questioning materialism.

The real problem with scientific materialism is that it has restricted scientific inquiry and discourse, meaning it has in some areas aborted the scientific method’s open-ended approach to knowledge. This has severely limited scientific progress and it has limited the public discourse. Again, who is it that is afraid of new knowledge? Only the established power elite. Scientific materialists are now the established power elite. What we need to do is to question materialism without allowing the emergence of an aspiring power elite that will take advantage of the situation.

Why the Catholic church and materialism are the same

The Catholic church and scientific materialism are the same in the sense that they are both closed systems. Closed systems are always created by the fallen beings in order to control the people and set themselves up in positions of power and privilege. Just look at how many materialistic people hold powerful and privileged positions in the scientific establishment. In many cases, they can influence the political process without ever being held accountable. They are in much the same position as medieval Catholic clergy.

The real problem is that it has not been generally understood that the Catholic church has warped our view of religion and that materialism has warped our view of science. Neither need be closed systems.

In reality, religion (or perhaps one needs to say “spirituality”) is an open-ended process. If you look at the general level of knowledge and awareness that people had, for example 2,000 years ago, it is clear that it was in many ways lower than it is today. It is also clear that people’s spiritual needs have changed during that time.

What are people’s spiritual needs? Among others, they are the need to understand who we are, how the world works and how we fit into the world. It is clear hat people have a better foundation for understanding this today than they had 2,000 years ago. So what sense does it make that we base our approach to spirituality on a set of scriptures that were written down 2,000 years ago in an entirely different time and culture? How is interpreting such scriptures going to help us with the much more complex needs we have in today’s world?

The Catholic church aggressively stamped out any movement that had a different approach to religion. Therefore, it is still not generally known in the West that there is an alternative approach that is open-ended. This form of spirituality does not require infallible doctrines and a church that claims it can guarantee people’s salvation. This approach is based on placing central importance on the individual person and his or her growth in awareness. One might call it a mystical approach, but it really is beyond labels. It is an open-ended approach to spirituality and it is not in opposition to an open-ended approach to science.

Scientific materialism is also a closed system. It is generally assumed that the so-called militant atheists are working to defend materialism against the onslaughts of fundamentalist Christianity. In reality, the militant atheists are working to defend materialism against the onslaught of the latest scientific research, which is beginning to question materialism.

If the scientific establishment took a neutral approach to the latest discoveries of quantum physics and biology, it would already have abandoned materialism. Why hasn’t materialism been abandoned? Because this is not about science or advancing human knowledge. It is about power and politics. It is about keeping an established power elite in control of society.

One of the “infallible” doctrines of materialism is that the scientist is merely a neutral observer who does not influence the outcome of a scientific experiment. That is why materialists claim that any conclusion that is not materialistic is subjective superstition.

Yet as far back as the 1920s, quantum physicists proved conclusively that the neutral observer is a myth. They proved that at the most fundamental level of matter, namely subatomic particles, a scientist cannot remain neutral. The scientist is not actually observing but is participating in the experiment. The outcome of the experiment is produced by an interaction of the subatomic particles, the particle accelerator AND the consciousness of the scientist. The scientist is co-creating the result of the experiment, not merely observing without interfering.

With this revolutionary finding, the materialist doctrine that consciousness is beyond scientific research should have fallen. Why hasn’t it done so? There is only one real explanation. Scientific materialism is another weapon created by the fallen beings in order to control people. What the fallen beings fear more than anything is that the general population would begin to understand the potential for developing human consciousness to a higher level.

As has been explained elsewhere, the fallen beings have managed to trap most people in a lower state of consciousness in which they can be easily controlled. The only way out of this lower state is to systematically and consciously raise our consciousness both on the individual and the collective level.

This is what the fallen beings are primarily seeking to prevent. For over a thousand years, the fallen beings used the Catholic church to stamp out the approach to spirituality demonstrated by Jesus, namely that we can all raise our consciousness to the higher level he demonstrated. The Catholic church systematically stamped out all mystical spirituality. When the Catholic church began to lose power over people’s minds, the fallen beings were greatly disturbed. They then created scientific materialism, and its offshoot Marxism, in order to again stamp out the mystical approach to spirituality.

The historical process can be seen as a struggle in which the fallen beings will do anything they can think of in order to prevent the population from knowing about or exercising their power to raise consciousness to a distinctly higher level, a level in which people can no longer be controlled by the fallen beings. This is the best kept secret of history and once understood, it gives you en entirely new way of understanding history.

It suddenly makes it clear what has been driving a small elite to strive for total control over the population, an effort that is very much alive today. Although it is somewhat restricted by democracy, the fallen beings are doing everything they can to undermine the democratic process and take back control. Materialism is simply their latest invention for warping our sense of who we are (entirely material beings) and what we can and especially cannot do.

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