Explaining the origin and methods of evil

This website provides an explanation of evil that is beyond what you can find anywhere else.

The short explanation of evil is that it is neither natural nor inevitable but is created by a specific type of beings, some of which are in human bodies and some of which are disembodied. This website will explain who these fallen beings are, where they came from and how they have managed to hide their existence and methods for so long.

The reason there is still evil in the world is that the fallen beings are very good at hiding and camouflaging themselves. They will do anything possible to stay unrecognized.

For the purpose of staying hidden, fallen beings have created many tools, including religions, political ideologies, philosophies and other thought systems. However, the primary tool whereby fallen beings hide themselves is the PIN (Programmed Illusion of Normality).

The PIN is the view of life that most people have come to accept, and the effect is that there are many aspects of life that people do not question. It is behind these unquestioned assumptions that fallen beings can hide. People simply do not ask why there is evil in the world or whether there is an alternative.

Consider how people often feel that war, poverty, conflict, inequality, suffering and death are unavoidable. People do not question why these conditions exist and whether they could be removed.

Going beyond your PIN

The PIN found in any society is deliberately manipulated in order to hide the existence and methods of the beings who precipitate evil. That is why the only way to understand evil is to look beyond your PIN. If you want to understand evil, you face a simple choice:

  • Do I want to cling to my PIN? (In which case you will never understand evil.)
  • Am I willing to look beyond my PIN? (If so, how far am I willing to go in order to understand evil?)

If you are willing to look beyond your current PIN, this website will give you all of the insights you need in order to:

  • recognize the beings who precipitate evil
  • know where fallen beings came from
  • know how fallen beings have influenced and manipulated history
  • know the methods fallen beings use in order to control people on earth
  • know how you can free yourself from their influence
  • know how you can make a contribution to removing evil from earth

NOTE: If you want the best understanding of evil, read the pages in linear order so you gradually build up your knowledge. Simply follow the link at the bottom of each page to go to the next page.

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