The purpose of life

According to the two dominant thought systems of the modern world, we are either created by a remote god in heaven or we are the products of an unconscious process of evolution, guided only by chance. Although these two systems may seem quite different, they actually portray us much the same way, namely as beings who are products of a process over which we have very little influence.

In other words, we are largely powerless beings with a limited ability to change ourselves (let alone our situation on earth). This essentially means life doesn’t have much of a purpose, if any purpose.

Both of these thought systems are to a very large degree manipulated by fallen beings. They have done this partly to obscure their own existence and methods but also to make us believe we are largely powerless and therefore should submit to a power elite made up of fallen (and highly ambitious) beings.

In reality, we are self-aware beings with free will, and as such we have the potential to deliberately and consciously change our consciousness, our sense of self. The very fact that this is not common knowledge demonstrates the extent to which fallen beings have manipulated both Christianity and materialism.

The purpose of life, of existence, is the growth in consciousness. In order to raise consciousness, a being needs to have free will. We raise our consciousness by making choices based on the state of consciousness or sense of self we have right now. As we experience the consequences of our choices, we have the option to raise our level of consciousness and expand our sense of self.

When we were first created, we had a very localized, point-like sense of self. Since then (which was a long time before our birth in this lifetime), we have made numerous choices and the consequences have given us the option to expand our sense of self. Our sense of self has also been affected by how we reacted to the conditions we encountered.

This process of expanding our sense of self can be taken very far. People on earth are at many different levels of consciousness. As just one measure, we may look at how focused people are on themselves and what they perceive as their self-interest.

Some people are entirely focused on themselves, even to the point of being insensitive to how their actions affect other people. Most people are at a higher level where they are sensitive to other people. Some have risen higher and become more selfless, seeking to serve other people or a cause.

As has been mentioned before, the basic fact of life is that we are all connected so what we do to others, we do to ourselves. The higher we develop our consciousness and rise in awareness, the more we accept this fact. The lower we go in consciousness and descend into unawareness, the more we ignore or deny this fact and the more willing we are to harm others.

The ongoingness of life

Within the traditional thought systems of Christianity and materialism, it is impossible to explain that some human beings can be as evil as Hitler or Stalin. These people had an unlimited willingness to kill or cause destruction.

Christianity would say that such people must have been created that way by God, which makes little sense to most people. Materialism would say that such people are the product of random genetic mutations, which also fails to explain why they are so much more evil than the average person.

The explanation is that such beings have become the way they are as a result of choices they have made over a very long period of time—much longer than a normal lifespan. The only real explanation of evil is that we have all reincarnated over many lifetimes, during which we have either raised our consciousness towards selflessness or lowered it towards selfishness.

The fact of reincarnation is denied by both Christianity and materialism. This only proves how deeply both systems have been affected by fallen beings. They do not want us to know that they have a long history of becoming increasingly evil. Nor do they want us to know our own history as it will help us free ourselves from their deception.

Fallen beings have used their influence on both Christianity and materialism to exclude knowledge of reincarnation from the PIN of most modern societies.

The ultimate goal of life

During our many incarnations, we have created a sense of self based on the conditions we have experienced on this planet. This self is very complex.

The self is partly based on what we perceive as being normal conditions on earth, what we consider to be inevitable, what we can and cannot do. This is the PIN (Programmed Illusion of Normality). We grow in consciousness by coming to question aspects of our PIN and thereby adopting a higher, an expanded, a more aware sense of self. This website will give you the knowledge to expand your sense of self.

All people on earth have something in common, meaning that our level of consciousness falls within a certain range. If we raise our consciousness to a sufficient level, we can stop taking embodiment on earth. We can rise to embody on a planet without suffering. We can also go through a spiritual transformation, called the ascension, whereby we ascend to a level that is beyond our universe. We become ascended masters because we have attained mastery over our own mind. In order to understand this, we need to look at how the universe was created.

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