War and the arms race

One of the main reasons that the fallen beings have been able to hide their existence for so long is that most people have a tendency to project that other people look at life the same way they do. Thus, it is very difficult for people to grasp that there are some people (fallen beings in embodiment) and even some non-material beings who look at life in a fundamentally different way.

Most people do not want war and therefore assume that no one wants war. Many people cannot understand why there is war or think it is something that just happens by accident. This would actually be true if there were no fallen beings on the planet. Yet when fallen beings are present, war is never by accident and always by deliberate design.

The reality is that most fallen beings do want war and although they want it for various reasons, it all serves the overall purpose of getting human beings to destroy each other and ourselves. Most human beings do not feel that war is desirable, but to fallen beings war is very desirable and they have created many schemes in order to get human beings to go to war.

Let us look at some of the reasons fallen beings want war:

  • To some fallen beings in embodiment, war is a means to get power. Ultimately, they think they can gain power over the entire world. These fallen beings will sacrifice any number of human beings in order to get world domination. To other fallen beings, war is a means to defend the privileged position they already have.
  • To the fallen beings and other dark beings in the emotional realm, war is a means to get people to generate huge amounts of fear-based energy that these beings can use to sustain themselves and even increase their power. When people kill each other and suffer other effects of war, they generate fear-based energy and this is what beings in the astral plane need in order to survive.
  • To some fallen beings in the mental realm, war is a justifiable means to further a particular end. These beings firmly believe that the end can justify the means. Many of these beings are trapped in the epic mindset and believe it is critically important to, for example, spread Christianity, Islam or communism to the entire world.
  • To some fallen beings in the identity realm, war is also a means to an epic end, but it is the overall end of proving that the Creator was wrong by giving us free will. They think that if they can create a war that destroyes the planet and all life upon it, they will have proven that free will can only have disastrous consequences.

Once you understand that fallen beings want war, it becomes easier to understand why war has not yet been removed from the planet. Truly, after the first and second world wars, many people have had enough of war and would gladly see it disappear. Yet the fallen beings will never have enough of war and they are constantly seeking to manipulate the rest of us into going to war. This explains what should be one of the most baffling phenomena on earth, namely the ongoing arms race.

The arms race

After the so-called cold war ended, there was supposedly no longer two competing power blocks fighting for world domination. So how can we explain that the United States – a self-appointed guardian of freedom and democracy – continued to maintain the largest military on the planet, continually seeking to develop more and more deadly weapons? How can we explain that Russia, China and even many democratic nations are continuing to develop new and more deadly weapons? What drives this arms race?

Well, from a surface viewpoint, one might say that the quest of ever-increasing profits is driving the arms race. There are huge multinational corporations who make money on selling weapons and they want to grow their profits. Of course, the most efficient way to earn a profit is to sell weapons to two nations and then get them to go to war with each other. Once nations are locked in an all-out war, they will spend any amount of money needed to defeat the enemy.

Yet even though there is a certain logic to the desire to make a profit, this still does not explain the arms race. It simply is not logical that we continue to develop new weapons when we already have weapons that could kill all human beings several times over. Only when we know about the agendas of the fallen beings, can we understand why nations continue to develop more deadly weapons.

The ultimate dream of some fallen beings is literally to create an all-our planetary war that will destroy humanity and even the planet itself. For this – and for this reason only – they need to develop more and more powerful weapons. To these fallen beings, weapons can never be too powerful and there can never be too many of them.

How do such fallen beings influence even democratic nations to engage in this arms race? They do so in a variety of ways, but the primary one is fear.

Once people are in the duality consciousness, they have an existential fear, and this is exploited by the fallen beings. The fallen beings are very good at dividing humanity into separate groups and then generating the fear of conflict between them. In this way, even a democratic nation (which is not a fear-based form of government) can be manipulated into pursuing an ever-increasing military capacity. It is necessary to be able to kill people in order to defend freedom and democracy—or so the fallen beings project.

People can only believe this when they are in duality and do not understand the basic mechanism of how the universe works as a mirror. This will be explained in greater depth in the section on Conflicts between groups of people.

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