Healing psychology

How do fallen beings control people? One of the most important strategies they use is to deliberately give us psychological wounds as a result of being exposed to traumatic situations. These wounds will then set up a reactionary pattern in our psyches, and this can keep us trapped for lifetimes.

Consider why there are certain regions of the world where people have been fighting each other for thousands of years. One of the main reasons is that these people are trapped in a reactionary pattern. They have been hurt in the past by being exposed to severe trauma. This has created a reactionary pattern that makes them believe that they must respond to violence with violence. Thus, the slightest provocation releases a violent reaction and this is how two groups of people can keep fighting each other from generation to generation.

Naturally, the insidiousness of the fallen beings cannot be fully understood until one knows the reality of reincarnation. One can look at many people who have not been exposed to trauma in this lifetime. Yet they still have a clear reactionary pattern that, for example, makes them respond to violence with violence. One cannot explain where this pattern comes from until one realises that it was created when that soul was exposed to trauma in a past lifetime.

Considering the extremely violent events that have taken place in the past, it is easy to see that most people on earth are likely to have experienced severe trauma in one or more past lives. These traumatic situations are deliberately created by the fallen beings because they know this is the way to force people into reactionary patterns that make them easier to control. Once people are in a pattern, the fallen beings hardly have to do anything to keep them trapped in the pattern. Just look at how people in the Middle East keep fighting each other. The fallen beings can simply step back and watch, or perhaps they once in a while add fuel to the fire.

The real revelation here is that people carry these reactionary patterns with them from lifetime to lifetime. The importance of this is that we can heal the patterns we carry with us from past lives and be free of our past.

A person will not get out of such a pattern until it comes to see the pattern and makes a conscious decision to stop itself from reacting as it has done previously. In some cases, this can happen if a person experiences the same situation over and over again until it finally sees the pattern. However, this is the School of Hard Knocks and often requires a lot of suffering. As an alternative, it can also be done as a result of a deliberate, conscious effort.

Once you understand how these psychological patterns trap you, you can decide to make an effort to free yourself from them, and thereby free yourself from being controlled by the fallen beings. In today’s age, we have better tools for healing psychological wounds and traumas than ever before. There is a myriad of teachings and tools available, and it is not the purpose of this website to say that one is better than others. Each person is an individual and must find the teaching and tool that appeals to him or her.

However, the author of this website has brought forth several books that are designed to help people heal psychological wounds. There is also much material and practical tools on the other websites in this group. If the teachings on this website resonate with you, it is recommended that you begin by reading the book My Lives with Lucifer, Satan, Hitler and Jesus because it very clearly explains how the fallen beings give people psychological traumas. The companion book Healing Your Spiritual Traumas contains teachings and practical tools on how to heal such traumas.

For practical tools and more teachings on healing psychology, see the Transcendence Toolbox website.

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