How fallen beings use war

There is a subtle attitude that war is inevitable, perhaps even a consequence of the violent aspects of human nature. This is a lie promoted by the fallen beings.

In its natural state, earth did not have war. War is not caused by human nature but by the fallen beings. They are the ones who brought war here and manipulated human beings into going to war with each other.

Human beings have a sense that killing other human beings is not natural. The fallen beings have caused us to silence this inner knowing because they have used the duality consciousness to create the epic mindset. This mindset says that some causes are so important that it justifies the killing of other human beings, even that these causes are worth dying for. It also defines specific groups of people as other human beings or even as non-humans.

This is all a complete lie. There is no cause that justifies the killing of human beings. An abstract idea cannot justify the killing of concrete beings.

  • Fallen beings in physical embodiment create war either to get power or out of a desire to cause destruction (which may also give them a sense of power).
  • The evil beings in the emotional octave promote war because when people kill each other, some of their energy is qualified with fear and released. It is this energy that the evil beings need in order to sustain themselves. Some of them also love war because it fulfils their desire for destruction and helps them feel justified in hating human beings.
  • The fallen beings in the mental octave want war because they are seeking to establish one thought system as the superior one.
  • The fallen beings in the identity octave want war because it serves their overall agenda of proving the Creator wrong. If they can get humankind to destroy itself in a war, they think they will have proven that free will was a mistake.

The fallen beings overlook that it is not free will that produces war. It is an unfree will because people have been manipulated into going to war by the fallen beings. No human being would ever choose war if it could choose freely.

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