Removing evil

As this entire website has hopefully demonstrated, evil is not inevitable. It is allowed because life on earth is determined by the Law of Free Will, meaning those who embody on this planet determine what is allowed to take place here. This also means that the Law of Free Will gives us options for having evil removed.

We need to acknowledge that evil was not forced upon us. Evil, meaning the fallen beings, were allowed to embody here because humankind had already lowered the collective consciousness below a certain level. Thus, the first step towards removing evil is to raise the collective consciousness above a critical limit. This process is already underway but there is much we can do as individuals to help it along.

This section explains what we can do to have evil removed from this planet.

Raising awareness of evil
In order to remove evil, it is necessary to raise people’s awareness of where evil comes from. Learn how you can do this for yourself and also help raise the collective consciousness.

Overcoming duality
The duality consciousness is the primary weapon used by fallen beings, yet most people are completely unaware of what it is and how it distorts our perception. You can help raise awareness of this problem and its solution.

Receiving new ideas and inventions
The fallen beings want to maintain status quo and seek to limit new ideas and inventions because they often overthrow the old order. You can become part of the creative people and receive new ideas from their source.

Challenging status quo
The fallen beings seek to put themselves in a privileged position and then prevent people from asking critical questions. You can become part of the people who dare question many of the illusions and assumptions that keep the fallen beings in position.

Healing psychology
The fallen beings are experts in using human psychology to control us. They expose people to trauma that creates reactionary patterns in their psyches, and this can keep people trapped in conflict for lifetimes. Learn how to free yourself from this pattern.

Raising consciousness
The last thing the fallen beings want people to know is that the alternative to traditional religion and materialism is a systematic path for raising our consciousness beyond selfishness and duality. This path is available and can be followed by anyone who is willing.

Calling forth assistance
The fallen beings have attempted to hide their own existence and the existence of the ascended masters. The masters have the power to remove the fallen beings from earth, but they need us to give them the authority to use that power. Learn how you can help do this. This is what the fallen beings really do not want you to do.