Economic inequality

Many people are becoming aware that one of the major problems in the world is the fact that wealth is becoming more and more concentrated in the hands of fewer and fewer people. This is happening on two fronts:

  • In the more developed nations, a small elite is gaining control over more and more of the wealth. This is even happening in democratic nations that are based on the principle of giving equal opportunity to all. A primary example is the United States where over 90% of the wealth is controlled by just 2% of the population.
  • On a planetary scale, two thirds of the world’s population is living beneath the poverty level with millions of children starving to death every year and billions having no opportunity to gain a decent material living standard.

As explained throughout this website, the fallen beings are always seeking to set themselves up in a privileged position. This is the only logical explanation for this concentration of wealth.

For a normal human being, there is no logical reason for people accumulating more money than they could spend for the rest of this lifetime. Yet for the fallen beings, nothing is ever enough, and thus they are trapped in a quest to grasp more and more wealth, a quest that they cannot end. It can only end when we, the people, say: “Enough is enough!”

When will we demand that our democratic nations stop allowing this accumulation of wealth, not only in single nations but also in the so-called global financial system where money can be moved around and hidden from taxation? When will it become unacceptable to us that so many of our brothers and sisters are living in such poor material conditions that we would never accept it for anyone in our own nations?

It is natural for human beings to be our “brother’s keeper” and want to raise all people to a reasonable living standard. It is only the manipulation of the fallen beings that has overridden this natural desire and caused us to accept a world with such shocking inequality. The fallen beings are not their brother’s keeper (and they do not even see human beings as their brothers).

Human beings do not want an inequality that is based on giving a small elite of people special privileges. We can accept that there is a certain inequality based on how individuals make use of the opportunities they have. We cannot accept an inequality based on a majority of the world’s population having no realistic opportunity to improve their lives through their own efforts.

Yet this form of inequality is precisely what the fallen beings want to create. Their dream society is an elitist society where they form an elite whose power and privileges can never be challenged by the population. As has been mentioned before, the feudal societies of Europe is one example of such a society. Yet, look at history and see how many other examples there are of these elitist societies with the fallen beings as the power elite and the population as virtual slaves.

Time has simply turned to a point where such societies are no longer sustainable. Yet we, the people, need to raise our awareness so we can remove the fallen beings from the equation and thereby create truly balanced and sustainable societies.

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