Historical conflicts

All of the conflicts between groups of people seen throughout history have been engineered by the fallen beings. Ever since they arrived on this planet, they have done everything they could think of to create conflicts that simply go on and on in an endless spiral.

As explained in the section on war, the fallen beings have an agenda of creating conflict. They want to set up ongoing, unresolvable conflicts between people in order to steal their energy and further the agendas of the fallen beings.

To this end, they only need to use the duality consciousness. They do this in two primary ways.

One way is the epic mindset. It says that there is one idea that is absolute truth, and the opposite idea is absolute lie. Therefore, it is necessary and – from an epic viewpoint – justified that the people who have the truth kill the people who have the lie.

To justify this mindset, they have created a number of lies saying that there is an ongoing epic battle between the forces of good and the forces of evil, such as god and the devil. In reality, this is a completely artificial concept that has no bearing in reality.

There is a Creator, but the Creator is not like the personal god of the monotheistic religions. Thus, nothing can oppose the Creator; it has no opposite because it is beyond duality. Some fallen beings are opposing anything good, but the god they have defined as being good is a god of their own making.

The other factor used by the fallen beings in order to generate conflict is that people are different. In reality, this is because we are each created with a unique individuality, and the purpose is to maximize creativity. The fallen beings have used the duality consciousness to say that differences are not a source of creativity but a source of conflict. They have then added the value judgment that people who are different are a threat and must be restricted or destroyed.

By these two simple measures, the fallen beings have set the stage for an almost infinite variety of conflicts between groups of people, even an ongoing epic battle where some people must take the side of good and destroy the people who are on the side of evil.

It is amazing how well this scheme has worked over the millennia. It is even more amazing that it still works so well, given what we know about history. When will it stop working? Only when we raise our awareness, become aware of what the fallen beings are doing and refuse to play along.

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