Conflicts between groups of people

The fallen beings have a clear agenda of controlling humanity. One of their most powerful weapons for accomplishing this is the “divide and conquer” strategy. The fallen beings are always seeking to divide us into clearly identifiable groups and then emphasise the differences between them in order to create conflict.

In reality, each human being was created as a unique individual and our differences are meant to complement each other. Therefore, we can co-create more together than any of us can do alone.

Once we sink into the consciousness of duality, we can no longer see our differences as complementary but begin to see them as mutually exclusive. This sets the stage for conflict, but even so it was not until the fallen beings arrived on earth that our differences started leading to violent conflicts.

The wheel of ongoing conflict

For people in the western world it can be difficult to understand just how easy it is for the fallen beings to keep the wheel of conflict going. Once the fallen beings have started a spiral of conflict between groups of people, they can often stand back and watch as people themselves keep feeding the spiral of violence.

The reason is that two groups of people build collective spirits. One conflict generates fear-based energy that feeds these spirits, and the spirits then use this energy to pull on people’s emotional bodies and set up the next conflict.

One reason it is difficult to understand why conflict leads to conflict is that we have grown up in a culture where the fallen beings have used Christianity and scientific materialism to obscure one of the basic mechanisms for how the universe functions.

This mechanism is known in eastern cultures as karma, but it can be explained in purely scientific terms. Albert Einstein proved that we do not live in a univers of “solid” matter. In reality, we live in a universe of vibrating energy. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but it can be transformed into other forms of energy by changing its vibration.

Some of this energy has been captured into stationary matrices that to our senses appear as solid matter. This is because our senses are calibrated to detect only energies within a certain spectrum of vibrations. This is why we can see only the physical octave and not the higher octaves.

We human beings have the capacity to change the vibration of energy, and we do this with our three higher bodies, the identity, mental and emotional. We receive creative energy from a higher realm and as we bring it down through the identity, mental and emotional bodies, we color the pure energy with the beliefs and energy we already have in these bodies.

The consequence of the fact that everything is energy is that every action we take is taken by using energy. You may throw a rock into a pond, but this is not only a physical action; it involves using energy in the emotional, mental and identity realms. This means any physical actions has energetic consequences (creates energetic traces) in the three higher octaves. Throwing a rock into pond creates circles on the surface of the pond, but it also creates energetic circles in the three higher realms.

Because the purpose of life is to grow in consciousness, we are responsible for how we use energy. We learn by using energy and then experiencing the consequences of our actions.

On a personal level, an act of violence does not start at the physical level. It begins in the identity level, filters into the mental, then to the emotional and finally into the physical. When you commit an act of violence, you produce a certain amount of fear-based energy in your three higher bodies. This energy will not simply disappear but will be stored there.

The consequence is that many people have accumulated considerable amounts of fear-based energy in their emotional, mental and identity bodies. This energy acts as a magnet that pulls on our conscious awareness. In other words, the more fear-based energy you have stored in your three higher bodies, the more prone you will be to react to situations with violence.

Again, this can be difficult to understand with the western mindset, but the reason is that the fallen beings have used Christianity and scientific materialism to obscure another basic fact of life, namely reincarnation. We are not born with completely pure identity, mental and emotional bodies. We are born with a set of beliefs and an amount of fear-based energy that we have accumulated in previous lifetimes.

This is the only way to explain why you see so many areas of the world where groups of people have been in conflict for millennia and why there seems to be no end to it. One primary example is the Middle East where groups of people have been fighting for thousands of years.

The real explanation is that it is the same people who have been reincarnating and fighting each other for thousands of years. Because they continue to accumulate fear-based energies and because they continue to reinforce the beliefs behind the conflict, children are born to hate the other group. They are born with the hate they accumulated in previous lifetimes of fightning.

It now becomes easy to see why the fallen beings only have to start such a conflict, and then the people keep it going all by themselves. They continue to feed the collective spirit, the “beast,” of conflict by qualifying energy with a fear-based vibration and accumulating it in their three higher bodies. The collective consciousness or spirit stores such energy and affects all of the people in the group.

Why are Jews in conflict with Arabs? It is because the Jews have created certain beliefs in their identity bodies. They identify themselves as being different from all other people and as being in an existential conflict with Arabs. The Arabs have a similar structure in their identity bodies.

This sets certain parameters for how Jews and Arabs think with their mental bodies, making it very difficult for them to even think of new ways to interact with each other. They keep repeating the same old patterns. Instead of challenging their beliefs, each new incident of misunderstanding only reinforces the belief that cooperation and trust are impossible.

In their emotional bodies Jews and Arabs carry so much fear-based energy that the slightest provocation or misunderstanding leads to a very strong emotional reaction. The emotions very easily become so overwhelming that people cannot stop themselves from committing acts of violence. Each act of violence committed by one group only reinforces the other group’s belief in the inevitability of conflict and in their right to respond to violence with violence.

It truly was the fallen beings who generated the sense of identity held by Jews and Arabs and who set the two groups up to be in conflict. Yet since the spiral of conflict reached a critical mass, the fallen beings have had to do very little to keep it going. The people themselves simply continue to feed their energy into the spiral, and it is only a matter of time before the energy becomes to intense that it overpowers the weaker individuals to engage in another incident of violence.

How long will the rest of the world stand by and watch as the people in the Middle East continue to reinforce this spiral of conflict with no end in sight? When will we say: “Enough is enough” and use the tools available to us to remove the fallen beings who generate such conflicts and who keep them going?

Breaking a spiral of violence

The purpose of life is to grow in consciousness. We grow by taking physical actions and experiencing the result of them. One might say that the physical universe functions as an energetic mirror. Whatever energy impulses we send out through our four lower bodies, will be reflected back to us by the cosmic mirror.

The basic fact of life is that a mirror can only reflect back to us what we project into it. Thus, if we experience a physical consequence that is unpleasant, the ONLY way to change this is to change what we are sending out, meaning we have to take responsibility for our four lower bodies and change the energies and the beliefs that caused us to do what we did.

This fact has, naturally, been kept from us by the fallen beings who have used both religions, political ideologies and scientific materialism to prevent us from understanding the basic fact of life.

Why has one group of people attracted to themselves another group who is constantly opposing them? It is because they have certain beliefs and energies in their three higher bodies. They may have a belief that violence is justified and they have much fear-based energy that makes them feel threatened and makes them prone to respond to violence with violence.

Each group is usually convinced that it was the other group that started the violence and that their group is only responding in kind. Yet the basic fact of life is that the two groups have magnetised themselves to each other because they each have a belief that it is justifiable to respond to violence with violence. At subconscious levels (in their higher bodies) they actually want to have an opponent they can fight and that they can blame for all of their problems.

The belief that the ends can justify the means came from the fallen beings and it was by getting both groups to believe this that the fallen beings started the spiral of conflict. If there seems to be a rising awareness that may make one or both groups less prone to violence, the fallen beings will attempt to step in and again fuel the conflict.

The fallen beings will always seek to prevent people from looking at themselves by creating the belief that it is the other group that needs to change. It is a basic fact of life that you will not get a different return from the cosmic mirror until you have changed what is in your consciousness and thus changed what you are projecting into the mirror.

Once the fallen beings have prevented a group of people from knowing this fact, it is so easy to get these people to respond to violence with violence, even to believe that the only way to end violence is through an ultimate act of violence.

When will Jews and Arabs stop fighting? When they realize that it is not the other group that is the problem but the contents of their individual and collective consciousness.

The simple question to ask is: “Do I want to be free from this spiral of violence?” If the answer is affirmative, then the only way to be free is to change what you have the power to change, namely the contents of your three higher bodies. You do not have the power to change other people, but you do have the power to change yourself.

The fallen beings do not want people to realize this basic fact. They want people to think that the only way to change their situation is to change those other people. The fallen beings have been very cleaver in making many groups of people think that the only way to change their situation is to change other people, meaning those other people have to be forced, meaning violence and force are justified.

How can the spiral of violence be broken? Only when people raise their awareness and understand how the universe works. You look at your other situation and acknowledge that you are experiencing violence from other people. You then look at yourself and ask what beliefs and energies you have in your three higher bodies that you are sending into the cosmic mirror. The basic reality is that if the cosmic mirror is sending you violence, it is because you are sending impulses of violence into he mirror. A mirror can only reflect back what is projected into it.

You now have the option to change what you are sending into the mirror. Yet it is necessary to understand that a group of people may have been sending violent impulses into the mirror for a long time. Thus, it may take some time for them to truly overcome this.

How do you truly overcome all tendency for violence? By doing what Jesus told people in the Middle East to do 2,000 years ago: turn the other cheek.

The cosmic mirror, or the Law of Karma, works in such a way that if you in the past sent out energetic impulses coloured with violence, these impulses will be returned to you in a future lifetime. Contrary to what some people believe, karma is not punishment but an opportunity to prove that you have changed your consciousness in the interval between when you sent out the violent impulse and when it is returned to you.

How could the Jews or the Arabs prove that they have risen above violence? ONLY by being exposed to violence and then NOT responding with violence. Given their long history, this cannot be done with one act. They will have to prove many times that they will not respond to violence with violence. Is that why Jesus told them to forgive seventy times seven?

When people do respond with violence, they naturally reinforce the spiral. Could one group of people be free from the spiral if the other group continued to commit violence? Yes, they could. If, for example, the Jews decided to stop responding with violence, then the Arabs would relatively quickly attract another opponent, perhaps even fight amongst themselves, as they are already doing.

This is the basic fact behind violence that the fallen beings will do anything in their power to prevent people from acknowledging and using. Because it truly is the basic way to free ourselves and the earth from the fallen beings. If a critical mass of people acted upon this knowledge, it would quickly get the fallen beings removed from the planet.

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