Dualistic Thinking

The vast majority of human beings are today in a particular state of consciousness that makes it easy for fallen beings to manipulate and control them. It is as if people are wearing coloured glasses that distort the way they see everything, only they are completely unaware of this. They think that what they see through the glasses is reality, even an absolute truth.

No person is more easy to control than the one who sees an illusion but thinks it is reality.

Dualistic thinking is a way of looking at the world that operates with two polarities that are normally seen as complete opposites. On top of the distinction between the opposites, there is a value judgment applied.

General examples of dualistic polarities are:

  • Good and evil
  • True and false

More specific examples are:

  • Communism and capitalism
  • Religion and science
  • One nation against another nation
  • One group of people against another group of people
  • One race against another race
  • Men versus women.

Fallen beings have defined all of these dualistic polarities and they project that they represent the ONLY way to look at life. Dualistic thinking makes it seem as if we only have two options, namely to choose one dualistic polarity over the other.

In reality, there is no situation that can be reduced to just two options. There is always a higher perspective that can give us an alternative to the dualistic opposites—and the manipulation from the fallen beings.

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