How fallen beings use thought systems

Fallen beings use thought systems for many reasons. Here are the primary ones:

– To hide their own existence, their agendas and their methods.

– To create conflict within human beings by giving us wrong ideas about who we are.

– To create conflicts between human beings, both between individuals, groups and nations.

– To make us believe that a relative lie is an absolute truth.

– To make us believe that promoting an absolute truth is so important that it justifies the killing of other human beings.

– To set themselves up as authorities, who can define truth. To put us down as not being able to know truth. The purpose is to make us follow them blindly.

– To undermine our intuitive ability to know what is real from a source inside ourselves.

– To prevent us from using our built-in powers to expose or challenge them.

– To gain dominance on earth and to prevent us from using our built-in power to take dominion over the earth.

When a relative truth becomes absolute

Everything the fallen beings do with thought systems is based on the duality consciousness. They always use the duality consciousness to define a thought system and argue why it is the absolute truth.

The primary effect of the duality consciousness is that it makes everything relative. This may at first seem contradictory since the thought systems defined through the duality consciousness usually claim to have an absolute truth.

Yet duality is based on a denial of oneness. It takes one part of a larger issue out and defines it as a special view of the issue. It then elevates this view as having some ultimate authority or truth, meaning it cannot or should not be questioned.

The fallen beings have used duality to create a state of doubt on earth. There are so many conflicting ideas that it is very difficult to know what is true and not true. Because we human beings have a need for safety or security, the fallen beings first create the doubt and then offer us a way out by following the only “true” thought system.

This is an example of one of the primary tactics of the fallen beings, namely to first create a problem and then offer a solution. However, the solution makes people blind followers of the fallen beings. Of course, this doesn’t actually solve the problem.

The claim of absolute truth

A thought system defined by the fallen beings is usually based on the claim that certain statements or axioms are absolutely true and therefore should not be questioned. This is sometimes said to be because these truths are self-evident because they are given from the highest possible authority or because they are based on laws of nature.

If you accept the basic premises, then all that is based on them must be true also. For example, if you accept the basic premises of Marxism, then socialism is the only true economic system. If you accept the basic premises of capitalism, then that becomes the only true economic system.

The net effect is that this blocks your realization that there might be a higher understanding of the economy than is found in either Marxism or capitalism. This  has often kept people trapped in beliefs that can only lead to conflict.

Irreconcilable conflicts

Many of the thought systems generated by the fallen beings set up irreconcilable conflicts. Capitalism must be in conflict with communism because both of them cannot be true. This has caused many people to accept that one of them must be true, preventing them from realizing that the real issue is not whether something is true or false.

The Greek philosopher Aristotle defined a system of logic that has profoundly influenced our civilization. It states that a given statement must be true or false because it cannot be both true or false at the same time. This excludes the possibility that the statement could be neither entirely true nor entirely false because it is based on a limited understanding of the issue.

This has been used by the fallen beings numerous times. In some cases, two groups of fallen beings have defined two thought systems that both make the claim to have the absolute truth. They have then manipulated people into thinking they have to choose one over the other. For example, if all you can see is communism and capitalism, and if you see certain flaws in communism, then you might reason that capitalism must be the only true system. This causes many people to think they have to accept everything stated by capitalism, thus preventing them from looking for a higher understanding.

The clashes between the thought systems defined by the fallen beings have created tremendous confusion. Because we human beings have a psychological need for safety, the fallen beings offer us security from their self-created confusion by making absolutist or authoritative claims about their system. If you accept these claims about one system and never question it, you will gain a fragile sense of security.

For example, many Christians believe that by following the Christian religion and never questioning it, they are guaranteed to be saved. What they don’t see is that by doing this, they are making themselves the slaves of the fallen beings. These beings have rebelled against the Creator. So how can following them lead you to God’s kingdom?

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