How fallen beings use religion

Fallen beings have several reasons for using religions. In fact, a religion generally follows several distinct phases:

  • The religion is started by a person who has established a connection to a higher realm. In some cases, this is to beings in the mental or identity realms, but in some cases it is to the ascended masters in the spiritual realm. Through this connection, the person receives a revelation or teaching that becomes the foundation for the new religion.
  • The religion is first ignored by the fallen beings who control society. If this does not work and people still start adopting the new teaching, then the fallen beings will often seek to aggressively suppress or eradicate the new religion.
  • If enough people accept the new religion, the fallen beings will shift heir tactic. Based on the rationale: “If you can’t beat ’em—join ’em,” the fallen beings will now seek to take over the new religion and use it to further their agendas.
  • The religion becomes more and more restrictive and over time people begin to lose faith in it, either losing faith in all religion or finding a new religion.

An obvious example of this process is Christianity. Jesus received a genuine revelation from the ascended masters. The fallen beings saw him as a threat and killed him, hoping that would also kill the movement he started. For some time, the fallen beings ignored the Christian movement, hoping it would fade away. When it did not, they began persecuting Christians.

As that did not have the desired effect, the Roman Emperor Constantine (a fallen being in embodiment who was controlled by fallen beings in the identity realm) turned Christianity into the official state religion of the Roman Empire. During this process, Jesus’ original message was completely perverted so official Christian doctrines supported the agendas of the fallen beings.

During the following centuries, Christianity became an obvious tool for the fallen beings who are always seeking to gain total control over the people. This is the only logical explanation for the fact that the religion that claimed to represent Jesus (who told us to turn the other cheek and love our enemies) perpetrated the massacre of the Cathars, the Crusades, the inquisition and the witch hunts.

Only an organization ruled by the fallen beings could commit such acts while at the same time claiming it was doing so for a benign purpose, even that its actions were sanctioned by God or Christ. This obvious difference between what they say and what they do is one of the hallmarks of the fallen beings.

Let us look at some of the reasons fallen beings have for using religion:

Divide and conquer

The fallen beings are masters at using the “divide and conquer” strategy. This is not because they are truly intelligent, but because they themselves are in duality and thus they are divided. They simply use their own state of mind to divide the people.

Religion is an obvious way to divide the people into groups that see themselves as fundamentally different. Those who adhere to a given religion are good people, who will be saved and go to heaven, those who do not are either bad people or potentially lost because they will go to an eternity of torment in hell. This creates a fundamental divide between members and non-members of any given religion.

No divide can be more absolute that when two groups of people both believe they have the only true religion and that it is their duty to spread their religion to all people. This is seen very clearly in the Crusades.

The fallen beings have a general agenda of getting us to fight each other, partly to create chaos and thereby prove that free will is a mistake. What better way to divide us than to create two religions and set them up in an existential struggle, even making people believe they are doing God’s work by fighting the other group?

Religion so easily manipulates people into the epic mindset. Once people believe it is epically important for them and even for God to spread their religion, they are so easily persuaded to accept the fallen logic that the ends can justify the means. The end of spreading their religion now suddenly justifies the killing of other human beings.

It is an obvious irony that the fallen beings managed to make Christians and Muslims fight each other in the Crusades. The irony is that both religions are based on the Old Testament, which contains an absolute commandment from God: “Thou shalt not kill.” There are no exceptions to this commandment defined in the scriptures, yet the Jews, the Christians and the Muslims found it so easy to define such exceptions. Naturally, this was all the manipulation of the fallen beings.

For more on how official Christianity has perverted the message of Jesus, see the website: The Mystical Teachings of Jesus.

Warping our view of God

The fallen beings have an agenda of proving that the Creator was wrong for giving us free will. As part of this, they want us to have a distorted view of God so we deny that we are created as co-creators with beings in the spiritual realm (the ascended masters). This will then prevent us from accepting that we all have the power to connect to the spiritual realm and gain a frame of reference from beyond duality.

The fallen beings have been successful in getting most people on earth to descend into duality. Their primary goal is to keep us in duality by preventing us from accepting a true teaching from the ascended masters. The primary weapon used to pursue this goal is to use religion to distort our view of God and the spiritual realm.

For this purpose, the fallen being shave created some religions and have distorted others that started out as genuine spiritual movements. The most glaring example is how the fallen beings have created a completely artificial god, namely the tyrannical and illogical god of the Old Testament.

When the Jews leave Egypt, this god gives them ten commandments, including: “Thou shalt not kill.” Yet when the Jews enter the promised land, this same god tells them to commit genocide against men, women and children of the conquered tribes. The all-male god of the Old Testament is entirely a fabrication of the fallen beings and has nothing to do with the Creator who created us out of its own being and gave us free will.

Keeping us in duality

The fallen beings want to keep us in duality, and they can do this only by preventing us from establishing a direct, personal, intuitive connection to the ascended masters, whereby we gain a frame of reference from beyond duality. That is why they have created the image of the remote god in the sky who is beyond reach of ordinary human beings but can be contacted only by a special class of people.

Who were the priests of the Jewish religion who had Jesus killed? Who were the popes and cardinals of the Catholic religion who tortured and killed anyone who had an intuitive, inner connection? Who were the imams of the Muslim religion who turned the teachings of Mohammed into a justification for Jihad? They were all fallen beings in embodiment who were controlled by fallen beings in the identity realm.

One of the primary goals of the fallen beings is to prevent us from establishing a direct connection to the ascended masters. They seek to do this by setting themselves up as a class of priests who are the only ones that can contact god or that can interpret the scriptures of a given religion. The fallen beings want us to believe that we cannot contact the spiritual realm directly but that we need to go through them.

Naturally, once we believe that the fallen beings are the only ones who can mediate between us and god, we are complete slaves of the fallen beings and have given them ultimate power over us. They will exploit this mercilessly.

Aborting our salvation

During the Middle Ages, most people in Europe believed that the only way for them to be saved was to believe in the doctrines and obey the priesthood of the Catholic church. If they did not, then they would be condemned to an eternity of torment in hell. In other words, the people believed that the fallen beings were the only ones who could mediate between themselves and God. They believed that the fallen beings in embodiment would determine whether people went to hell or were saved.

There is no more efficient form of mind control than getting people to believe in this lie. And it is indeed a lie. The deeper reality is that we will continue to reincarnate on earth until we have raised our minds above duality (one might call this hell). Once we do follow the example of Jesus and other spiritual teachers, we can permanently ascend to the spiritual realm and we become ascended masters.

Take note of the essential difference. A religion controlled by the fallen beings always preaches an external form of salvation. It tells us that we will be saved by being members of an outer religion, believing its doctrines and obeying its priesthood, doing whatever they prescribe. In reality, the only thing that determines our “salvation” is that we use our free will to raise our consciousness beyond duality.

“Salvation” can never be secured by observing an outer religion. It is a completely internal process of transforming our consciousness. This can never be done automatically but only by consciously making more and more aware choices.

Thus, one can also say that one of the major purposes of the religions controlled by the fallen beings is to prevent us from having a true “salvation” by keeping us working towards a false “salvation.” The fallen beings want to prevent all Christians from following the example of Jesus and attaining the Christ consciousness, the non-dual state of mind.

Controlling our actions

The fallen beings would gladly control us through raw physical power, but they know this is difficult to do. Thus, they have learned that the most efficient way to control us is to use a combination of physical power and mind control.

The period during which Europe was heavily controlled by the Catholic church is often called the “dark ages” and for good reason. The population was more free and had better living conditions before they became Christians.

The reason is that the Catholic church formed an alliance with he secular leaders. This is an example of how two groups of fallen beings can sometimes form an uneasy alliance that will last for some time because it is to the benefit of both groups.

The Catholic church supplied the means for controlling people’s minds and the secular leaders (generally under the leadership of the church) supplied the physical means of control.

The effect of this was the establishment of the feudal system in which the primary resource of the time, namely agricultural land, became the property of a few noblemen. The people who lived on the land also became the property of the noblemen. Thus, from being free, independent peasants who owned their own land, the people went to being complete slaves.

Why did people accept this? Because the secular structure was supported by the Catholic church. People believed the church had the power to send them to eternal torment in hell or give them eternal life in heaven.

The effect was to shift people’s thinking so they no longer saw it as so important how their lives were here on earth. The Catholic church made people focus on securing a better life in the next world, thereby making people willing to surrender freedom and power to the fallen beings here on earth.

The fallen beings used the Catholic church to create a situation where the population had given complete power to the fallen beings. People did not want to fight against the fallen beings here on earth but submitted themselves to them. Thus, the fallen beings had used religion to secure absolute power over the people here on earth. They had used a combination of mind control and physical power to dominate the people.

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