Receiving new ideas and inventions

History can be seen as a process in which two forces have been seeking to influence humanity:

  • The fallen beings have attempted to control or destroy us by promoting false or dualistic ideas.
  • Another force has been attempting to liberate us by giving us higher or non-dualistic ideas.

In many cases, the fallen beings have managed to enslave us by getting people to believe in certain false ideas. They have often managed to use such ideas to create an epic struggle between two factions of people. One example is Catholic Christianity, which is a clever perversion of Jesus’ non-dualistic teachings, thus being used to justify violence such as the massacre of the Cathars, the Crusades and the Inquisition.

Of course, the fallen beings also seek to control us by keeping us in ignorance. This means we either know nothing or we do not know that there is an alternative to the false ideas promoted by the fallen beings. Yet the Law of Free Will is clear.

The fallen beings are allowed to spread false ideas, but there must always be an alternative available to humankind so that people have a choice. The problem is that for a long time, the fallen beings have prevented this alternative from becoming generally known. Yet in this age, the potential is there for spreading knowledge that can challenge the control of the fallen beings.

How ideas challenge the fallen beings

Despite the fact that the fallen beings have exercised great control, this control has often been overturned by seemingly simple ideas or inventions. Consider, for example, that during the Dark Ages, the Catholic church had a firm grip on people’s minds because it had a tight control over the information that people had available. How was this control broken? By the invention of the printing press!

Yet many ideas and inventions came together to make it possible to print books in large numbers and distribute information. Likewise, many ideas and inventions came together to form the Internet, which is an even more efficient way to distribute information.

The fallen beings always want to control and restrict the information that people have available to them because they know that knowledge is power. Likewise, once a group of fallen beings have managed to put themselves in a position of power and privilege, they will aggressively seek to prevent new ideas and inventions that can challenge their position. For example, the oil industry will work actively against new forms of energy as the feudal lords worked against democracy.

Thus, the one pivotal realization is that there is a group of beings who are deliberately and aggressively working against new ideas and inventions.

It now becomes obvious that one of the most efficient ways to take power from the fallen beings is to bring forth new ideas and inventions. This often happens when one person is able to receive inspiration and bring forth something new, often through an intuitive insight.

In other words, one of the most efficient ways to help free humanity from the fallen beings is for you to attune your mind, to expand your intuition, so you can receive new ideas. This leads to the question of where such new ideas come from?

Where do higher ideas come from?

Humankind is not alone in dealing with the fallen beings. The fallen beings have attempted to create two primary illusions:

  • The illusion that there is no such thing as fallen beings, as a power elite, as people and non-material beings who are deliberately committing evil.
  • The illusion that humankind has no recourse, has no form of help. There is either no God (no spiritual world) or this God is a remote God who is sometimes there but most of the time not there.

The reality is that these illusions are based on a very thin veil of deception, and it is becoming thinner as the collective consciousness is being raised. This means humankind is close to breaking through to a new awareness that the fallen beings exist and that we are not alone in dealing with them.

The counter-balance or recourse we have is the ascended masters. These are beings in the spiritual realm that is a level of energy or vibration that is beyond the four levels of the material world (physical, emotional, mental and identity). The significance of this is that ascended masters have ascended by mastering their own minds, meaning they have overcome all selfishness, duality and prejudice.

The ascended masters are truly universal in the sense that they have no preference based on any of the divisions we see on earth, such as sex, race, ethnicity, political persuasion, religion and the like. The ascended masters want to help all people, and they do so by offering us practical ways to raise our consciousness beyond duality.

The essential difference between ascended masters and fallen beings is that ascended masters have absolute respect for our free will, whereas the fallen beings have absolutely no respect for free will. Thus, whereas the fallen beings will use force to restrict new ideas, the ascended masters can never use force to get us to receive such ideas. It is up to us to attune our minds so we can receive these ideas.

Throughout history, the ascended masters have started many mystical movements aimed at helping people attain a non-dual state of consciousness. Yet they have also worked with countless people to bring forth new ideas and inventions.

Naturally, we are co-creators and we do have a built-in creativity that allows us to bring forth something new from within our own minds. Yet most of the pivotal ideas that have shifted society have come because one individual was able to attune his or her mind to the ascended masters. In most cases, such people were not aware of where the ideas came from, and the ascended masters are not concerned about getting credit, they are only concerned with helping humanity move forward.

In some cases, a so-called creative genius was able to receive just one idea from the ascended masters during a lifetime. Yet just one idea can often bring about a decisive shift in society. So imagine that more people became aware of the existence of ascended masters and made a deliberate effort to raise their consciousness and attune their minds to the masters. Imagine how many more ideas could be released by the masters. Truly, the factor that limits the release of new ideas is not found in the ascended realm. It is found in our minds:

  • There is a limitation in the collective consciousness so that a new idea often cannot be brought forth until a shift has occurred.
  • There is a limitation in the individual consciousness because one person must have the practical knowledge and the intuitive attainment to receive the idea.

Imagine how much more progress could be made if you made an effort to become part of this ongoing release of ideas from the ascended masters to us. The other websites in this group contain knowledge of how to walk a systematic path of raising your intuitive awareness.

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