This page is created by Kim Michaels who is an author and out-of-box thinker. He has published over 50 books on mystical spirituality and has created several very extensive websites.

Kim Michaels’ personal website
Personal information about Kim Michaels, descriptions of all of his books, plus articles on esoteric topics.

The Mystical Teachings of Jesus
Extensive website about the original, mystical teachings of Jesus and how official Christianity has perverted these teachings.

Ascended Master Light
Contains teachings from the ascended masters on just about every topic from how to raise your consciousness to world events. Many teachings about the fallen beings.

Ascended Master Answers
Contains questions and answers on a very broad range of topics related to spiritual growth, cosmology and world events.

Transcendence Toolbox
A wide range of practical tools for changing consciousness and impacting world events, along with teachings on how to use them.

Ascended Master Resources
This is the central website of the Ascended Master Resources network. It contains the foundational teachings about the ascended masters, their teachings and the spiritual path that they offer.

Age of Higher Awareness
The purpose of the site is to empower the more aware people to become the forerunners for the shift towards a higher level of awareness in specific areas of society.