Challenging status quo

The fallen beings know human psychology very well and always seek to take advantage of it. They know, for example, that human beings are very adaptable and therefore can get used to even quite extreme conditions. Once people have gotten used to a condition, it gives them a sense of security and familiarity, meaning people are often reluctant to change a condition even though it can be quite extreme.

This means that if the fallen beings can create an unbalanced condition (for example a society where a small elite have extreme privileges while the population live in poverty), this now becomes seen as the normal condition by most people. Even though people may suffer, they still gain a sense of security from knowing how things are, and they can be reluctant to change it. An example of this is that there are still people in Russia and former Soviet republics who thought life was better during communist times because they always knew what they had.

The consequence is that once a condition becomes seen by most people as “normal,” it becomes the norm, the standard, the status quo. There will then be an established power elite of fallen beings who will do anything in their power to prevent people from challenging the status quo.

When the status quo is the result of manipulation by the fallen beings, it is what we can call a Programmed Illusion of Normality (PIN). Contrary to what most people think, the status quo was not something that just happened. It is the result of careful, long-term manipulation by the fallen beings. This long-term planning is not necessarily done by fallen beings in embodiment but by those in the identity realm who have a lot of patience and are always seeking to sow the seeds for the next conflict or manipulation.

It now becomes obvious that one of the ways to remove evil from the planet is to question the PIN, to challenge the status quo. This is not a matter of creating a violent revolution that overthrows the current order of society. Violent revolutions are always the result of an aspiring power elite seeking to overthrow an established power elite. No matter who wins, it serves the agendas of the fallen beings and it is very important that the top 10% do not get involved with supporting this never-ending power struggle.

The best way to challenge status quo is to ask the questions that most people are not able or willing to ask. Why are people unable to challenge the status quo: Because they see it as normal and therefore do not see it as necessary or permissible to question it.

The best example of this is that over 500 years ago most people in Europe believed the earth was a flat disc, and if you sailed too far over the ocean, you would fall off the edge and into an abyss (they never questioned why the water didn’t fall off and empty the oceans).

Questioning the PIN

As has been explained, there is a phase where a society does not see a particular aspect of evil as something that needs to be removed. There was a point where many societies saw slavery as something normal. Slavery was simply part of the PIN.

This is the ideal state for the fallen beings. They have managed to insert themselves into most societies on earth and to create some very unbalanced conditions. Yet they have also manipulated many societies into seeing these imbalances as normal. What has really happened here is that the fallen beings have put themselves into positions of privilege and power while getting most people to see their presence and methods as something normal, in some cases even beneficial.

Naturally, an important part of raising the collective consciousness is to question the PIN so people no longer take evil as something normal. However, it is important that this is done from a balanced perspective.

There are many examples of well-meaning people who have raised their awareness and become conscious of the need to overcome a particular problem. Unfortunately, they have not had a balanced approach and thus they have been pulled into taking one of the polarised positions defined by the fallen beings. In many cases, these people from the top 10% have then been deceived into supporting the cause of an aspiring power elite of fallen beings fighting an established power elite of fallen beings—both from the bottom 10%. This is not the way to remove evil.

Examples of this dynamic are the students who supported the French revolution only to be appalled by the brutality of the new regime. The same happened to many intellectuals in Russia who supported the Bolshevik revolution only to be appalled by the brutality of Lenin and especially Stalin. It is therefore essential for people to rise above duality so we can question the PIN from a balanced perspective.

An important part of questioning the PIN is to provide an alternative by describing a vision of how society could be. This ultimately means describing how life on earth could be if there were no fallen beings on earth. Hopefully, this website can inspire some people to refine their visions of a better future based on a knowledge of how the fallen beings seek to distort every aspect of life. Truly, it would be beneficial to put out a vision of how the earth would be without fallen beings manipulating everything.

Is this normal

As just a few examples of how we need to question the status quo, consider the following:

  • Is it normal that there is war on earth?
  • Is it normal for democratic societies to continually build up their armies?
  • Is it normal that democratic societies use the excuse of combatting terrorism (a condition created by the fallen beings) as an excuse for monitoring and controlling their own citizens?
  • Is it normal that there are parts of the world where groups of people have been in conflict for thousands of years?
  • Is it normal that whenever there is conflict between two groups of people, there always seems to be plenty of weapons available for both sides?
  • Is it normal that even democracies are becoming increasingly divided with a small elite gaining greater and greater financial control while the population seeing their standard of living eroded?
  • Is it normal that we have a money system that, by the way money is created, produces inflation, which is a hidden tax paid to the fallen beings?
  • Is it normal that people in developed countries die at the age of 80? Is it normal that people in less developed countries die at a younger age? Is it normal that millions of children die in infancy or die in childhood from malnutrition?
  • Is it normal that we have two thirds of the world’ population living below the poverty level?
  • Is it normal that natural resources are almost always controlled by huge multinational corporations and that the profit goes to these corporations’ shareholders instead of to the people?
  • Is it normal that we have an energy production that is so dependent on oil and that we are not making an all-out effort to find other sources of energy, sources that cannot be monopolised or controlled by the power elite?
  • Is it normal that our energy production is controlled by huge multinational corporations who often oppose alternative forms of energy?
  • Is it normal that we have an approach to healthcare that is entirely materialistic and thereby ignores that we have three energy bodies and that conditions in these bodies determine the condition of the physical body?
  • Is it normal that we see human psychology as a byproduct of the physical brain instead of considering humans as souls that have a long history (and thus psychological wounds) from past lives?

Naturally, this list could go on and on, and you can add your own area of concern to the list. It is important that all of the more aware people pick an area that they are concerned about and then educate themselves so they know more than most people about the topic. This not only empowers you to speak out against the fallen beings and enlighten other people, it also makes it easier of you to receive new ideas in your field of expertise.

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