The problem of evil

Philosophers and theologians have for centuries debated what is commonly called the “problem of evil.” It is a problem that has baffled many people.

The problem can be stated in various ways, here is one example:

  • Christianity claims the world is created by a single god who can do anything it wants and is also fully good.
  • The undeniable existence of evil leads to a logical contradiction.
  • If god was omnipotent, he could remove evil. If god was fully good, he would want to remove evil.
  • The fact that god has not removed evil means he is either not omnipotent or not good (or does not exist).

This problem is an artificial problem created deliberately by fallen beings. These beings take pleasure in creating problems that cause people to have doubts.

The way to resolve the problem is to question the PIN (Programmed Illusion of Normality) created by the monotheistic religions and those who oppose them. The question to ask is: What if the being or beings who created the world have set aside their omnipotence on earth because this planet is ruled by the free will of those who take embodiment here?

Evil is the result of choice. There are benevolent forces who could eradicate evil on earth instantly. If they did this, it would undermine the purpose of the earth, which is to give those of us who embody here an opportunity to exercise our free will and experience the results of our choices.

There is evil on earth because we have collectively invited it here. If we do not like the result of this choice, we always have the option to raise our awareness so we can make a more aware choice and again have evil removed from earth.

It is not some god in heaven who has chosen to create evil or allow it to come to earth. It is the inhabitants of earth – meaning us – who have made these choices. Only we can free the earth from fallen beings, but in order to do so, we must be willing to look at our state of consciousness.

Note that we did not create evil. We invited the fallen beings here and they are responsible for evil.

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