Evil and free will

Many people feel powerless to overcome evil. This is because they do not acknowledge that evil is the result of a choice.

Fallen beings were not created to be evil and they did not evolve to be evil. They made a choice to become evil. Likewise, fallen beings can influence us only when we make unaware choices. This is empowering because it makes us realize we can overcome evil by making more aware choices.

There are various theories that deny the reality of free will. These theories (regardless of the context in which they appear) are ultimately coming from fallen beings who want to manipulate us into denying the very power that invited fallen beings to earth and can therefore get them off the planet again.

If we don’t have free will, then the evil we currently see on earth is NOT something that resulted from our choices (individual and collective). If evil is not the result of a choice, then we have no possibility of removing evil. We are powerless, and this is exactly how fallen beings want us to feel.

Evil is not inevitable

Fallen beings would very much like us to believe that evil is inevitable, either because a god created evil or because it is a result of laws of nature. They want us to believe there is nothing we can do about evil, and this is one of their primary lies.

In reality, we do have free will. Evil was not on earth when the planet was created. Fallen beings were invited here because of the collective choices of humankind. They can remain here only as long as people refuse to look at and rise above the choices that brought them here. The key to removing evil is to raise our awareness and undo the choices that invited fallen beings here.

On an individual basis, you cannot escape the influence of evil until you recongize that you have free will. The question is how free your will is? You can make choices only within the context of your world view. How much has your world view (your PIN) been influenced by the deception of fallen beings so you are not longer able to make truly free choices?

By acknowledging that you have a will and by gradually raising your awareness, you can recapture your freedom of will. You can then undo the choices that gave fallen beings power over you, you can transcend the choices that invited evil into your life. When enough people do this, fallen beings can be removed from the planet.

The key is to raise awareness so you can make truly free choices. This website will give you the knowledge and tools to do this.

NOTE: Evil as a force is not the result of choices made by humankind. This will be explained in the section on the cosmic origin of evil.

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