Denial – a powerful weapon for evil

Why do so many people deny or ignore the existence of evil? You have probably heard that if an ostrich feels threatened, it will sometimes stick its head into the sand. Many other birds will hide their heads under their wings as if they were sleeping.

Human beings have a similar psychological mechanism and when we are faced with a situation or knowledge that seems overwhelming to us, we will go into denial and completely ignore it. Fallen beings have long ago learned to make use of this mechanism.

One of the primary concerns for fallen beings is to stay hidden from the rest of us. In order to do this, they have attempted to create the PIN (programmed illusion of normality). As long as you accept the PIN in your current society, you will never get to understand the existence and methods of fallen beings.

The PIN is cleverly defined in such a way that knowledge of fallen beings (such as the knowledge on this website) will seem overwhelming to most people. Therefore, most people will go into denial when they are given the full knowledge of how fallen beings have manipulated every aspect of life on this planet.

Fallen beings have defined the PIN in order to hide their existence and methods. When some people begin to know about the existence of fallen beings, they will try to make these people feel so overwhelmed that they go into denial.

Please be aware that we have all been brought up with a world view that is deliberately designed to hide the existence of fallen beings. It is not an easy process to overcome this view and there is always a risk that we can go into denial.

Coming to fully understand the knowledge on this website and changing your world view accordingly cannot be done at once. It will take a gradual process so that you can adjust your sense of continuity and maintain a personal, psychological balance.

It is not the intent behind this website to put you in a state of denial of imbalance. Therefore, please take the time to gradually study and absorb the ideas given here. Give yourself time to adjust so that you do not go into denial and do not become unbalanced, such as reacting with a desire to go out and fight or expose fallen beings.

Also, consider that the key faculty for using the knowledge on this website is not your intellect but your intuition. Learn more about the importance of intuition and why fallen beings do not want you to use it:

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