The environmental issue

What has created the current pollution and other environmental problems? It is the greed of the fallen beings who can never get enough money. They are the ones who have created industrial pollution in order to maximize profit. They are the ones who have no empathy for the environment.

As usual, the fallen beings create a problem, and at first they seek to ignore it or cover it over. When people who do have a concern for the environment manage to raise awareness, the fallen beings step in and seek to use the environmental issue to further their agenda.

The fallen beings have created the lie that pollution is not caused by them but by the population. The problem is not that there is a small elite, but the problem is that the population has become too large.

They have used the environmental issue to spread their hatred of humans. This is expressed in the lie that the planet is overpopulated and that we should limit the size of the human population.

One of the ideal societies for the fallen beings was the feudal society seen in medieval Europe. Here, a small elite had near total control over the population who were the slaves of the landowners, the noble class. What overthrew the feudal societies was a growing population.

The fallen beings fear growth in the population because they know that as the population grows, they cannot maintain their privileges. The feudal society was a highly fragile society because it could sustain only a very small population. As soon as the population grew to the point where people started starving to death, there was a call for a redistribution of wealth.

The same thing is happening today where the growth in population is primarily happening in the poorest countries. Anyone willing to take a look can see that this is not sustainable. When you compare this to the fact that wealth is increasingly being concentrated in the control of a small elite, you can see that this will lead to an awareness that wealth must be redistributed. It is this loss of privileges that the fallen beings are trying to prevent by getting us to limit population growth.

The environmental debate

In the fourth century, a Catholic theologian, St Augustin, brought forth one of the cleverest tools ever invented by the fallen beings, namely the concept of original sin. The purpose is to make us feel bad for being humans, for even existing.

After scientific materialism caused the faith in the Christian religion to be reduced, the fallen beings needed a modern version of the concept of original sin. They defined this through the environmental issue.

The idea is that environmental problems (which are truly caused by the greed of the fallen beings) are caused by the people, and there are two main reasons:

  • We are alien creatures in nature and anything we do can only disturb the idyllic balance found in nature before we arrived.
  • There are just too many people on earth.

The purpose is to, once again, make us feel bad for being humans, for merely existing. And it has worked, once again, for many people.

Many people have a genuine concern for the environment, but they do not understand that this concern is being exploited by the fallen beings in order to further a hidden agenda. If you are truly concerned about the environment, it is necessary to understand how the fallen beings exploit the environmental debate. Only by removing all influence of the fallen beings, will we be able to find a way to truly live in balance with our environment.

Living in balance with our environment is a natural state for human beings. It is mainly due to the influence of fallen beings hat our present lifestyle is so unbalanced. The only way to restore balance is to raise our awareness so we can see through the lies and illusions of the fallen beings.

It is necessary for us to understand that the fallen beings have warped our sense of identity, and that is why we see ourselves as separated from the planet upon which we live. Only when we restore our true sense of identity as co-creators, will we be able to co-create balanced and thereby sustainable societies that are in harmony with the natural environment.

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