How fallen beings warp our sense of identity

One of the agendas of the fallen beings is to prove that the Creator made a mistake by giving co-creators free will. On earth, this is expressed as the attempt by the fallen beings to warp our sense of identity and cause us to hate ourselves.

Historically, all known civilizations have been based on a limited and limiting view of what kind of beings we are. Many societies have had an elitist view, where the general population had limitations and the ruling elite had almost god-like powers. One example of this was the Roman Empire where the emperor eventually came to be seen as a god on earth. Many other civilizations have also worshipped their leaders as gods or demi-gods. It is clearly the fallen beings who want to raise themselves to have god-like powers on earth.

Another historical example is Christianity. In reality, Jesus came to give us a correct sense of identity, namely that we are all sons and daughters of God. We all have the potential to raise our consciousness and attain the Christ consciousness that Jesus demonstrated. The reason is, as Jesus expressed it, that the kingdom of God is within us. This means that the “kingdom of God” is a state of consciousness in which we have risen above duality.

When the Roman Catholic Church was formed, this original message was deliberately left out. Instead, Jesus was now turned into an exception rather than an example. He was given god-like power, thereby giving almost god-like power to the leaders of the Christian religion. One can clearly see that the leaders of the Catholic church during the middle ages acted like fallen beings.

A major plot of the fallen beings who formed the Catholic church was the concept of original sin, introduced by St Augustine. It is a typical example of how the fallen beings want us to see ourselves: we were created by God as sinners and anything we do is a sin. Thus, we need to blindly follow the fallen leaders of the Christian religion and hope that they can bring us to salvation.

The reality is that we were not created as sinners. We were created as co-creators and endowed with free will. It is true that we are now in a lower condition (lower state of consciousness), but this was not put upon us by God. It was put upon us by the fallen beings, but we entered it through our own choices. Therefore, we can also raise ourselves above this state through our own choices.

Another example of how the fallen beings seek to warp our identity is scientific materialism. It denies that there is anything beyond the material universe, thus denying that we are spiritual beings with the potential to raise our consciousness beyond duality. Instead, it is claimed that we are not even human beings, but merely more evolved apes.

In reality, we are not evolved apes. Our physical bodies are the results of an evolutionary process, but our three higher bodies are created by us. We simply need to reject the attempts to get us to deny our potential and start exercising the potential of our minds.

Communism is another thought system that denies our spiritual potential. Communism may claim to create a classless society, but the reality is that it creates a highly hierarchical society where the majority of the population are the slaves of the party elite. Once again, a society where the fallen beings have attempted to set themselves up as leaders whose power could not be challenged by the people.

Environmentalism is the latest attempt by the fallen beings to get us to hate ourselves and deny our potential. It is portrayed that nature was in an idyllic state before we human beings entered the stage. Since then, we have only destroyed the environment and we should hate ourselves for it. We should confine ourselves to cities where we can be controlled by the fallen beings and do as little as possible to nature. We can only do harmful things on this planet.

In reality, the current environmental problems are the results of the fallen beings. Partly through their greed and partly because they have caused humanity to descend into the duality consciousness. Environmentalism makes use of and reinforces duality by portraying us as beings separated from nature.

In reality, we have the potential to become one with the environment on this planet and then have a positive impact on it. It is correct that we have contributed to the current state of affairs, but only because we have been trapped in the duality consciousness. By rising above this state, we can again find our rightful place as co-creators of the earth.

The fallen beings do not want us to even discover this potential because they know it will mean the end of their reign on earth. Thus, they will do anything possible for them to keep us trapped in a warped sense of identity in which we deny our true potential. They will use any and all means to do this, including religion, political ideologies or environmental philosophy.

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