Evil in History

The fallen beings have had a profound influence on the history of this planet, and this started far before what we currently see as recorded history. This section describes how fallen beings have influenced history through specific issues.

Elitism – the missing link in our understanding of history
Everything you were ever told about history was either a direct lie or an incomplete truth. The simple reason is that we will never be able to understand history unless we know that fallen beings exist and understand how they have influenced this planet for a very long time.

How fallen beings have influenced history
Learn how fallen beings have influenced many historical events in order to advance one of their hidden agendas.

How fallen beings use war
Learn how fallen beings have created war and use it to further their agendas.

Historical conflicts 
Learn how and why the fallen beings want there to be ongoing conflict between groups of people.

How fallen beings use dictatorships
Most of the dictators seen in history have been fallen beings competing in a senseless struggle to gain ultimate power.

How fallen beings use political ideologies
Learn how fallen beings make use of political ideologies in their ongoing struggle to control us or make us destroy ourselves. Even seemingly benign ideologies can be used by the fallen beings.

How fallen beings use poverty
Poverty is a weapon created by the fallen beings. Learn how they have created it and how they use it to control us.

How fallen beings use religion
Learn how fallen beings use religion to control our minds and get us to focus on the next world, thereby setting the stage for getting people to allow the fallen beings to control them in this world.

How fallen beings warp our sense of identity
In order to control us, the fallen beings have manipulated us into accepting a completely false sense of who we are.