Explaining people who produce evil

How can one explain that some people are so monstrously evil that they are willing to kill millions of other people? How can one explain that some people have no empathy with others?

The simple explanation is that these people have allowed their minds to be taken over by entities, collective spirits, demons or fallen beings from one or all of the three higher octaves.

On a lower level, some people have allowed their minds to be so taken over by an addictive entity that they will do anything to get the drugs or alcohol they crave.

Some people are so consumed by a spiral of violence that they commit one violent act after another, such as stealing, murder, rape or torture. This is because their minds are taken over by evil beings in the emotional octave who are seeking to create violence and destruction.

Some people have allowed their minds to be controlled by evil beings in the mental octave, and they are often very good at coming up with intellectual arguments that get people to follow them. This is, for example, the case for some politicians, political agitators or religious agitators. Some intellectuals in theological or scientific institutions fall into this category.

Some people are very good at setting themselves up as leaders that get millions of people to follow them blindly. This is often because their minds are taken over by fallen beings in all three higher octaves:

  • The fallen beings in the identity octave use the person to make people relinquish their normal sense of identity and identify themselves as followers of the great leader.
  • Fallen beings in the mental octave use arguments to convince people that the actions and goals of the leader are right.
  • Fallen beings in the emotional octave use the leader to sweep people into a momentum that overpowers them as individuals.

A person like Hitler had his mind taken over by fallen beings in all three octaves. That is why he could cause so many people to identify themselves as his followers, to feel his arguments were right (for example about the superiority of Germany and the evil of the Jews). Finally, evil beings in the emotional octave gave Hitler much of the so-called charisma that could sweep tens of thousands of people into a hypnotic state at mass rallies.

Another example is the Soviet Union where Lenin had his mind taken over by fallen beings in the identity and mental octaves. Stalin had his mind taken over primarily by evil beings in the emotional octave, causing him to use blind fear to control people. He was also controlled by some beings in the mental octave who gave him the ability to plot the destruction of his enemies in the Soviet system.

Reasons people do evil

When it comes to people in embodiment, we can say that in all cases where human beings perform evil against other people, the perpetrators have their minds taken over by fallen beings, entities, collective spirits or demons in one or more of the higher octaves. In most cases, these do not deserve to be called evil people as they are not deliberately and maliciously doing evil. They are doing it in a state of unawareness, and it can be said that if they knew better, they would do better.

Saying that people’s minds can be taken over by non-material beings is, naturally, quite scary, and many people will go into denial about the existence of such beings. However, denial or ignorance will not in any way protect people against the non-material beings—on the contrary. Being ignorant of the existence of bacteria did not protect people from getting infected.

Raised awareness is the first and ultimate  step towards freeing ourselves from any evil influence. We can distinguish between several reasons why people allow their minds to be taken over by non-material beings:

  • Simple ignorance. As an example, all people know that smoking is unhealthy. The reason people can still smoke is that their minds are taken over by the tobacco entity. This entity influences their emotional bodies so that they can override any mental argument about why they should not smoke. People are simply ignorant of the existence and influence of the tobacco entity.
  • Fighting for a good cause. Many people throughout history have been convinced by a religion or thought system that it is necessary to force or kill other people in order to further a so-called good cause. The fallen beings are experts and have a very long momentum on creating such epic causes that can set aside the normal survival instinct that propels human beings not to kill each other. Once a person becomes convinced of a good cause, the person’s mind is taken over by beings in the higher octaves and the person now sees nothing wrong about forcing or killing those who work against the cause.
  • Denial and dehumanization. The fallen beings are experts of manipulating people into situations where they go into denial about the oneness of all life. Once a person believes in an epic cause, the person will easily be persuaded that the people who work against this cause are not really humans and therefore do not deserve the same respect as others. This is one of the major explanations for normal Germans being able to take part in the concentration camp system. They did not consider the Jews as normal human beings—they had dehumanised the Jews.
  • Personal ambition. Some people have such a strong personal ambition of achieving either a material goal or some personal status that they are willing to “sell their souls to the devil” in order to attain their goals. They will open their minds to fallen beings in the higher octaves who will promise them that they will help them get what they want. Naturally, the fallen beings have a limited ability to deliver on this promise, and they often simply milk people of their energy until there is nothing left and the person is destroyed.
  • Psychological wounds. Considering the bloody history of this planet, an acceptance of reincarnation makes it obvious that most people could have experienced very severe trauma in past lives. These traumas can create psychological wounds that in various ways make people open to the influence of the fallen beings. For example, many people have a wound that makes them feel disempowered. This frustration makes them very quick to react with anger. They might become open to the idea that certain other people are to blame for their problems, and this can lock them in a conflict with others that can continue for several embodiments.
  • Fallen beings. Some human beings are fallen beings in embodiment, and they have a long tradition of working with fallen beings in the higher octaves. This goes back many lifetimes, often even to before they came to this planet or into this sphere. In many cases, these people also have their minds taken over by demons or collective entities. These non-material beings can temporarily give a person energy to achieve certain goals. For example, non-material beings gave Hitler the energy to hypnotise millions of Germans to take part in his war-machine. Hitler became the opening for non-material beings to take over the minds of millions of people. This caused people to release huge amounts of fear-based energy that the non-material beings could then us to sustain themselves.

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