Agendas of fallen beings

As explained elsewhere, fallen beings are the primary beings that precipitate evil. Because they fell in different spheres and for different reasons, they are not a united group and thus do not have a clear, unified agenda. That is why there is not a single conspiracy of fallen beings attempting to rule the world.

It is important to recognize that fallen beings are in fundamental ways different from what we might call “normal” human beings, meaning beings who originated in this sphere and have not fallen. That is why it can be very difficult for most people to fully acknowledge the agendas of fallen beings and the absolute insensitivity with which they pursue their agendas.

We all have a certain intuitive sense of the oneness of all life. We could call this our “basic humanity” and it means there are limits to what we would do to other people. Fallen beings have no such limits. They will do anything that they think furthers their agenda and they have no consideration for the amount of suffering it creates. Nor do they have any respect for human rights or higher principles.

The following lists some of the agendas of fallen beings:

Staying alive

Fallen beings cannot receive energy directly from the realm that is beyond the four octaves of our world. In order to survive, they must steal energy from human beings and they do this by getting us to misqualify love-based energy with some kind of fear, such as anger.

The most general agenda of fallen beings is to get us to misqualify energy. The greater the amount of fear-based energy that is brought into the energy system of earth (the four octaves), the more powerful fallen beings can become. This is also true for entities, demons and collective entities.

This is not a unified agenda where all fallen beings cooperate. Naturally, they are in competition for the limited amount of energy, meaning they will steal from each other. There are also many examples of conflicts between fallen beings driven by the need to steal energy. This has even led to wars and the agenda of getting us to misqualify energy is one of the hidden causes of war.

Because fallen beings compete for energy, there is no conscious conspiracy for getting us to misqualify energy. However, there is an unconscious conspiracy in the sense that all fallen beings know they need to get us into a fear-based reaction. Even the unaware entities and spirits sense this.

Getting power

Another fairly universal agenda is that fallen beings have a lust for power. They will always seek to set themselves up in positions of power so they have human beings as their followers or slaves. This is partly to steal the energy of their followers but also to attain some kind of end that gives the fallen beings a sense of power. Here are some examples:

  • The physical world. Fallen beings in physical embodiment will attempt to set themselves up as an elite that holds power over the population. The more aggressive fallen beings will attempt to become dictators where they have absolute power and cannot be gainsaid. Hitler, Stalin and Mao are obvious examples. Some of these fallen beings can have their minds so taken over by fallen beings in higher octaves that they seek ultimate power to destroy. One example is that although Hitler had an outer agenda of winning the war, he did not care that the German people were being destroyed in the process. He even had a concept of a “total war,” that would last beyond his own lifespan.
  • The emotional realm. Fallen beings in the emotional realm have created various levels made of fear-based energy. Some of these are reminiscent of the visions of hell that people, such as Dante, have had. According to the twisted world view of these fallen beings, this gives them a sense of power, even though they are actually prisoners in the worlds they have created. Some fallen beings in the emotional realm have great power over the emotions of people.
  • The mental realm. Fallen beings in the mental realm gain power by creating ideologies, philosophies or religions and getting people to believe in them. These fallen beings are very intelligent and intellectual according to the current standard for intelligence. The reason is that they have defined this standard to elevate themselves and get people to believe in their thought systems. For example, many of the intellectuals that are convinced about the validity of materialism are unwitting followers of fallen beings in the mental realm. These people also get a sense of superiority by feeling they are more intelligent than most people, but the price they pay is that they give their energy to the fallen beings in the mental realm. The same holds true for some theologians or philosophers.
  • The identity realm. The fallen beings in the identity realm also gain power from getting people to accept their systems, but this goes beyond what takes place in the mental realm. These fallen beings work in a deeper way by seeking to manipulate our sense of identity. They also seek to set themselves up in positions where they are worshipped as gods by human beings. The descriptions of various competing gods found in several religions (such as Greek mythology) is actually a description of some beings in the identity realm. Even the false god promoted by the three monotheistic religions is the creation of a fallen beings in the identity realm.

Take note that some fallen beings seek power in order to accomplish a particular goal. Other fallen beings seek power for its own sake. They have an insatiable lust for power and will do absolutely anything to attain it, including destroying any amount of people that stand in their way. This is actually an addiction to power.


The “missing link” in most people’s understanding of history is that it has been fundamentally influenced by fallen beings who seek to set themselves up as an elite that has power over the population. This elite also has special privileges that the people cannot take away from them but that require the people to work for the elite.

This is a theme seen in virtually all cultures and civilisations throughout history. Why have most people never realised that society is deeply influenced by a small elite of fallen beings? Well, guess who writes or manipulates the writing of the history books. The fallen beings have always formed an elite and they have used their position to hide this fact.

One example of such an elitist society is the feudal societies of medieval Europe. A small elite owned all of the land and the general population were serving as peasants who did all the physical work on the land, in return for which they received only enough to stay alive. The population was the virtual slaves of the feudal lords and they had no recourse to complain or to improve their situation.

Naturally, there are many other examples, including the generally known fact that in the United States today 90% of the wealth is controlled by 2% of the population. This is essentially the feudal system recreated with the use of capitalism, only the population has been given a better standard of living in order to curtail the danger of a revolution.

There are also examples of intellectual elites, and they can be found in many learning institutions. These people think they are intellectually superior to the population (according to the standard of intelligence defined by the fallen beings), and they believe they know better than the people how to define political ideologies, philosophies or how to interpret the findings of science according to materialism.

Common to such power elites is that they will do almost anything to maintain their privileged positions and prevent the people from demanding equality. They have an obvious arrogance towards the “common” people and think they are more fit to rule.

Many of the members of the power elite have as their overriding agenda that they must never be proven wrong. Thus, they attempt to use various techniques to prevent the population from questioning them, their actions or their thought systems.

Take note that such elites have no respect for human rights or for truth. They want to define the rights that the people have (as the leaders of China do today) and they want to define what is truth according to their thought system. For over a millennia the power elite defined truth through the Catholic church. Today, the elite primarily defines truth through materialism, which has highjacked pure science to the service of the elite.


Naturally, the fallen beings who want to attain power and who want to maintain their privileged positions also want to control us, meaning the general population. Yet there are fallen beings who are driven by an insatiable desire for control. They are the ultimate control-freaks.

They will use any means to control us, and in the times before democracy, their primary tool was direct, physical force. With the advent of democracy, this is no longer the primary tool and they now make use of deception and manipulation.

There are many subtle beliefs or thought systems that are designed to make us feel powerless. They all revolve around the idea that we are incapable of ruling ourselves, which is why we need a small elite to govern our societies.

One example of this is the Catholic belief in original sin. Because we are born into sin, we are inherently flawed and cannot rule ourselves. We need an elite of people who, although they must supposedly also be born into sin, are nevertheless appointed by God to rule over us. The materialistic idea of evolution also portrays the population as largely powerless. It says that a small elite of the most fit people are the natural rulers of the rest of us.

Naturally, many other theories are designed specifically to give the fallen beings control over our minds so we unwittingly submit to their control. Some of these theories have the specific purpose of confusing us so we think we cannot know truth on our own and thus submit to the experts and authority figures who readily claim they have the only truth. Some of these will be exposed in other sections of this site.

Proving God wrong

There are fallen beings in the identity realm who have an agenda that can be very difficult to understand. They believe that the Creator made a mistake by letting the salvation of co-creators be dependent upon their free will. The fallen beings believe this will lead co-creators to destroy themselves. As a result, the fallen beings have a dual agenda:

  • The fallen beings believe that if they were allowed to rule over co-creators, they could make sure that we would attain salvation without destroying ourselves. This would supposedly happen by getting co-creators to blindly follow the fallen beings. Obviously, this is based on a misunderstanding of free will and why it is essential for co-creators to have free will. But this does not stop the fallen beings from seeking to get all people on earth to follow them blindly.
  • The fallen beings want to prove that the Creator was wrong for giving co-creators free will. They seek to do this by deceiving us into misusing our free will to such an extent that we destroy ourselves. On earth, the fallen beings seek to get us to destroy ourselves and the planet. They believe this will prove that they are right and that they should be allowed to override our free will (for what they see as our own good).

Obviously, these two agendas are contradictory. Some fallen beings pursue one agenda and some pursue the other. They are sometimes in conflict but overall, they are working towards the same goal, namely to get us to stop transcending ourselves and growing in consciousness. Their common goal is to get us to descend into the depths of unawareness so we either follow them blindly or destroy ourselves and each other.

It is obviously difficult to comprehend this agenda, but once it is seen, it can explain much of what has been happening in history and what is happening in the wold today.

Take note that some people will look at what has been happening in the world and think that perhaps it was better if we did not have free will. Yet the misuse of free will seen in most atrocities is not something that happened naturally. It was something humankind was deceived and manipulated into by the fallen beings. Thus, what the fallen beings often try to do is to create a problem and then set themselves up as the saviours who can save us from the problem.

It takes a high level of awareness to see through and overcome this hidden agenda of the fallen beings.

Creating confusion

One of the goals of the fallen beings is to get us to submit to them. They seek to accomplish this by getting us into a state of confusion where we simply give up and submit to experts and authority figures who claim to have the only truth.

In order to get us into this state of confusion, the fallen beings have generated many different schemes. They will deliberately use religions, political ideologies, philosophies, science and even popular beliefs and superstitions in order to create so many contradicting viewpoints and beliefs that people do one of two things:

  • They accept that one particular thought system has an absolute or superior truth so now they do not need to think about life anymore. They just need to accept and believe what they are told from the leaders of their system.
  • They give up on trying to find out what is truth and simply refuse to think about certain aspects of life.

In either case, people are pacified and disempowered and there is no risk that they will even begin to challenge the illusions of the fallen beings.

It is important to realize that centuries ago, the primary weapon of the fallen beings was ignorance, meaning that people simply did not have information available to them. Since then, new technologies, such as the printing press and the Internet have made it increasingly difficult for the fallen beings to prevent people from having access to information. They seek to combat this by giving people so much information that is simply becomes overwhelming, and people have to shut down taking in new information.

One of the weapons used in this attempt to overwhelm and confuse us is conspiracy theories. The entire concept of a conspiracy theory was invented by the fallen beings. The purpose was that as soon as someone started to expose them and their methods, that person could be labeled as a conspiracy theorist—and this meant he or she would never be taken seriously by mainstream society.

In order to make sure all knowledge that exposes the fallen beings can easily be discredited, they have engineered the creation of many of the conspiracy theories found on the Internet. The purpose is to put out conflicting theories, but also to put out some theories that are so unbalanced that they can be used to discredit all so-called conspiracy theories. Therefore, the crazier a theory is, the better it serves the purpose of the fallen beings.

There is little question that if this website became more known and accepted, it would be labeled as a conspiracy theory as an attempt to discredit it.

Take note of the deeper reality. Naturally, there are and have been groups of fallen beings who attempt to work together and conspire for some scheme or other. This is the struggle between an established and an aspiring power elite. However, the fallen beings are in duality and are therefore inherently divided so there is a limit to how much they can cooperate. Any attempt they make at putting the world under the control of a single entity will sooner or later run into the inevitable division and fragmentation where the fallen beings struggle for who has the ultimate power.

However, behind the fallen beings in embodiment and those in the emotional and mental realms, there are a few fallen beings in the identity realm who have as their agenda to get humanity to destroy itself. So this is in a sense the ultimate conspiracy because the struggle between lower-ranking fallen beings serves this purpose. The struggle between conflicting thought systems and theories also serves this purpose.

Keeping us trapped

The fallen beings want to put as many people as possible in situations where they are struggling against conditions and seemingly have no way to get out of the struggle. This takes many forms and here are just a few:

  • Keeping groups of people locked in a struggle against each other.
  • Keeping people stuck in struggles with family members, co-workers or other people around them.
  • Keeping people stuck in unbalanced psychological reactionary patterns.
  • Keeping people stuck in poverty where they have no way to improve their material living conditions.
  • Keeping people stuck in thinking life has no purpose, thereby going into depression, mental illness or suicide.
  • Keeping people stuck in addictions, from drugs and alcohol to shopping and accumulating material goods.
  • Keeping people trapped in fighting for causes that seem benign but actually serve the agendas of the fallen beings.
  • Keeping people trapped in promoting a political ideology created by the fallen beings.
  • Keeping people trapped in promoting a religion created by the fallen beings.
  • Keeping people trapped in promoting scientific materialism.

Destruction for its own sake

Some fallen beings have sunk so low into separation that they pursue destruction of anything and everything that is positive, meaning that it leads to growth and self-transcendence. They have become addicted to destruction and it gives them a sense of power.

Unfortunately, having this agenda makes these beings completely aggressive and willing to take enormous risks. When such beings are in embodiment, they can become serial killers but in some cases even leaders of countries or armies that can cause enormous destruction.

Once we understand that some fallen beings and many entities, collective spirits and demons are absolutely committed to destruction, we can see that there is no reason to use our universal tendency to ask “Why did this happen?” In many situations, we may look for a reason why a serial killer kills or why a leader wages war, but in some cases there is no other reason than the desire to cause destruction.

This can explain many world events, which can help us snap out of confusion. We can then realise that the only way to stop this senseless destruction is to get the fallen beings, demons and spirits removed from the four octaves of earth. This is where we need to raise our awareness and start working with the ascended masters who have the power, but not the authority to remove dark beings.

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