Beings behind evil

The brutal, but also liberating, fact is that evil is not the creation of a superior god nor is it a product of an unconscious process of evolution guided by chance. Evil is the result of choices made by specific types of beings—and many of these beings are not what we call human beings, they are not even in human bodies.

This section will describe what kind of beings produce evil and where they came from. This will give a very useful explanation for the existence of evil and how it can be removed from earth.

Non-material evil beings
Lern about the types of non-material beings who produce evil. These beings exist in realms that are not visible to our physical senses and this is one of the main reasons they have remained largely undetected by previous societies.

Why fallen beings cannot be reasoned with
Learn why it is not possible to reason with the beings who precipitate evil. They have no empathy with human beings and they have a fundamentally different outlook on life.

Explaining people who produce evil
The first truly logical explanation of why some people are willing to precipitate such truly baffling manifestations of evil.

Agendas of the fallen beings
Learn the most important agendas that fallen beings have for seeking to control us or getting us to destroy ourselves.

How fallen beings control people
Learn how fallen beings can control people’s minds, even in ways that most people are not aware of.