The epic mindset

The epic mindset is a very clever invention of the fallen beings. They use the claim that a certain truth is absolute and infallible to define an epic battle between this truth and all who oppose it.

The primary purpose is to give the impression that there is an epic conflict on this planet and that it is of supreme importance that the “right” side will win the battle. In order to accomplish this, all other concerns must be set aside, including the intuitive knowledge that killing other human beings is unnatural.

Just look at history and see how many times an epic battle has been defined, for example between Christian crusaders and Muslims or between communists and capitalists. Once people buy into this manipulation, it becomes easy to get them to kill each other while thinking they are doing ultimate good or even will receive some ultimate reward.

In reality, there is no epic battle between groups of people and there is no epic battle between some god in heaven and some devil in hell. These ideas are ALL fictions create by the fallen beings.

The real God, the Creator and the ascended masters who represent the Creator to us on earth are above duality. Thus, they can never be opposed or threatened by anything the fallen beings do.

It is only their blind arrogance that makes the fallen beings think they have created a force that can oppose even God. In reality, there is a “god” that is being opposed by the fallen beings, but it is a false god of their own making.

The only real question is how long we human beings will continue to be the pawns in this pointless game of one group of fallen beings seeking to win some inconsequential victory over another group of fallen beings or seeking to establish themselves as the ultimate authority on earth.

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