Exposing dualistic thinking

The fallen beings are constantly seeking to deceive and manipulate us in order to further one of their agendas. Their primary tool for doing this is to get us trapped in the very same state of consciousness in which they are trapped. They themselves cannot see the limitations of this form of thinking, and they will vehemently resist any attempt to free people from it.

The form of thinking used by the fallen beings is dualistic thinking. It is charaterized by denying or ignoring the underlying oneness of all life. Dualistic thinking is based on creating the illusion that reality can be divided into separate compartments and that these can then form opposite polarities.

On a personal level, it is dualistic thinking that makes it possible for us to see ourselves as separate beings. Through dualistic thinking, we can come to believe (even experience) that we are separated from our spiritual source, from the universe in which we live and from each other.

Dualistic thinking gives rise to all of the conflicts found on earth. It is the origin of the “us versus them” mentality that is the hallmark of the fallen beings. This gives rise to the most common and most deadly illusion found on earth, namely that “I” can harm “you” without harming myself.

Human beings have a built-in sense that killing other human beings is not natural (fallen beings have lost this sense), and it is based on our sense of the oneness of life. We might call this our basic humanity.

The fallen beings have been very successful in getting us to kill each other, and they have done so by neutralizing this sense. Their tool for doing this is the duality consciousness and the illusion that we can harm others without harming ourselves.

The irreconcilable conflict

Dualistic thinking always contains or generates two polarities. These are defined as opposites, and there is usually a value judgment added so that one polarity is seen as true, right or good whereas the other polarity is seen as false, wrong or evil. This now sets up an irreconcilable conflict between the two, which can only be dissolved by one polarity destroying the other.

The fallen beings have even defined some of these polarities so that people on both sides have believed that they were good and the opposing side was evil. Examples are the conflict between Christianity and Islam and the conflict between capitalism and communism.

There are numerous examples of how this has neutralised people’s basic humanity, making each group believe they are good while feeling fully justified in killing members of the other group. Killing humans has now become seen as something good, perhaps even something that will be rewarded by God in heaven.

The exclusion of alternatives

Dualistic thinking prevents us from seeking a higher understanding of an issue. Dualistic thinking focuses on the two polarities and excludes all other options. For example, either capitalism or communism is the ultimate economic system, meaning it closes the mind to the possibility that there could be a higher understanding of the economy than what is found in either system.

As explained elsewhere, the purpose of life is to raise our consciousness. Capitalism and communism were both products of the fact that the collective consciousness was at a certain level when both systems were defined. As times move on, the collective consciousness is raised and that means we can now rise to a higher understanding of any issue than what is defined by the dualistic polarities.

Resolving conflict

We can never resolve a conflict between dualistic polarities. One polarity may destroy the other, but then another polarity emerges and there is a new conflict.

This was described by the German philosopher, Hegel, who said that any thesis contains within it the seed of its anti-thesis and the struggle between the two leads to a synthesis. The synthesis becomes the next thesis, which forms its own anti-thesis, and the struggle continues. Hegel was right, but his insight applies only to dualistic systems.

In reality, we can only attain peace by transcending the dualistic thinking that generates opposing polarities. Ultimately, we all came from the same source, meaning we are not inherently in opposition to each other. This does not mean we are alike, but it means we can develop a higher level of consciousness in which our differences are seen as assets and not threats.

When we go beyond dualistic thinking, we can express our differences in ways that complement each other rather than oppose each other. This is the natural state of affairs, and it was disrupted when the fallen beings lured us into dualistic thinking. It can be restored when we rise above the dualistic illusions.

Black-and-white thinking and gray thinking

Dualistic thinking leads to two forms of thinking that can be seen in many groups of people today:

  • Black-and-white thinking. This form of thinking is typical of people who cannot live with insecurity. For example, many fundamentalist religious people believe their religious scripture is the absolute truth and that it defines clear distinctions between good and evil. For them, a scripture or idea is either absolutely true or completely false, there is nothing in between. These people want simply rules to follow and believe that by adhering to these outer rules (without changing their state of consciousness) they are guaranteed to go to heaven.
  • Gray thinking. Many people in today’s world have started to see the limitations of black-and-white thinking and have separated themselves from groups of people dominated by this form of thinking. However, some have become trapped in another form of dualistic thinking, which denies that there is such a thing as truth. To these people, everything is gray, and there is no absolute truth. For example, many believe that if they focus on love or focus on the positive, then they will go to the right place after this lifetime. Some deny the need to look at the cause of evil or will even say that by reading this website, you are giving power to evil. Their motto is: “It’s all goood.”

The reality is that there is a state of awareness that is beyond dualistic thinking. It is possible for us to know and experience this reality, but only when we make a conscious effort to see through and raise ourselves above dualistic thinking and the illusion of separation. This will not happen without a conscious effort, and this website gives you the tools to start the process.

Fallen beings defining both good and evil

Naturally, the fallen beings have used the duality consciousness to make up their own definitions of good and evil. Some of these would label the teachings on this website as evil. The main characteristic of these definitions is that they contain a value judgment and they set up conflicts between groups of people, labelling some as good and some as evil.

The fallen beings will argue that by labelling them as evil beings, this website is also using dualistic thinking. Yet this website is not seeking to set up a conflict between various groups of people. It is not possible to remove the fallen beings by using the duality consciousness. It is not possible to defeat the fallen beings, as fighting them will only add to the illusion of separation and duality.

The purpose of this website is to empower you to rise above the duality consciousness. Naturally, this cannot be done without exposing the duality consciousness and the beings who use it to manipulate us. It is, however, not the intent of this website to create conflict, but to remove it through a raising of awareness. One cannot overcome a disease until one understands its cause.

It is not the intent of this website to get people to say: “Now, we need to identify the fallen beings and destroy them.” The intent is to empower people to decide to raise their consciousness so the fallen beings can no longer manipulate us. It is also the intent to give people the knowledge and the tools that will enable us to authorize the ascended masters to remove evil beings from earth.

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